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Individuals and businesses need licences from the Council to do a number of activities.

Our licensing policy shows how we make decisions about applications for licences that involve alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment. It is based on the Licensing Act 2003 and is effective from 1 August 2018 for a maximum of 5 years.

Licence copies

Apply for a licence copy

Update details on a licence you already have

Update details on a licence

Alcohol, regulated entertainment and late night refreshment licences

Premises such as pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, takeaways and off-licences have to apply to the Council for a licence.

Temporary event notices (TENs)


Market and shop front trading licences

Highways and skip licences

Massage and special treatment (MST) licence

If you are charging for health or beauty treatments, like massages or manicures, you need a licence.

Property licensing

Gambling licence

Sex establishment licences

Other licences

Licensing public register

The licensing public register holds details of current liquor licences and skip licences issued by the Council. It also holds details of licence applications currently being processed.

Page updated on: 10 October 2019