Personal licences

Provided you are 18 years or above and are not applying as a company, you can apply for a personal licence.

A personal licence:

  • allows you to supply or authorise the supply of alcohol
  • allows you for the first time to be licensed independently of the licensed premises where you work so you can take this licence with you anywhere in England and Wales
  • lasts indefinitely, subject to surrender, revocation, forfeiture or suspension

You can only hold one personal licence at any one time.


Please download the following. You will need to submit LA20 and LA21 as part of your application:

To make an application you must submit/provide:

  • 2 identical passport size standard photos. 1 photo to be endorsed on the back with a signed statement, such as "I can confirm that this photo is a true likeness of [applicant's name]"
  • a completed personal licence application form
  • disclosure of convictions
  • your licensing qualification (unless you are exempt)
  • the appropriate fee, which is currently £37
  • documents demonstrating entitlement to work/immigration status in the United Kingdom 
  • recent Disclosure and Barring Service check

Renewing your personal licence

From 1 April 2015 it is no longer necessary to renew a personal licence. We will charge a fee of £10.50 to cover administrative costs if you ask for a new licence to be issued, for example to change your address or to change your name or request for a duplicate licence.

Page updated: 27/02/2019 15:40:36