Property licensing

From 1 October we're expanding property licensing in Hackney. This will mean that landlords renting out certain properties in Hackney will need a licence. Landlords will be able to apply for a licence from 25 September.


Do I need a licence?

You will need to hold a license if the property that you rent out is:

  • a house in multiple occupation (HMO) - these are homes with 3 or more unrelated individuals or households and shared facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets (this is called mandatory licensing or additional licensing)

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  • a non-HMO property located in the Brownswood, Cazenove or Stoke Newington wards (this is called selective licensing)

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If you're a landlord of any homes covered, you will need a licence to rent them out, and you'll need to comply with the following conditions to ensure that they meet acceptable standards:

If you don't, you could face a financial penalty notice of up to £30,000 or an unlimited fine from the court.

To give all landlords and agents the time and opportunity to understand the new standards expected of them and to submit their applications, landlords who require a licence under the selective or additional licensing schemes will have until 28 February 2019 to submit a licence application. Enforcement of these licensing schemes will be in place from 1 March 2019.

Enforcement of the existing mandatory licensing scheme will continue during this period.

How much does the licence cost?

The licence fees are outlined in the table. They cover a five year period from the date the licence was issued.

The fees cover the cost of managing the licensing schemes, including the setup, running and enforcement, and do not make a profit for the Council.

Landlords who have demonstrated that they are able to profession managed homes through a recognised accreditation scheme like the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme will receive a discount of £75.

Type of licence



Reduced fee accredited landlords


This applies to houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) occupied by five or more people, making up two or more households




This applies to all privately rented properties occupied by three or more people making up two or more households, regardless of the number of storeys in the property




This applies to all privately rented properties occupied by a single person, two people or single household in the Brownswood, Cazenove and Stoke Newington wards



How do I apply?

You can apply for a licence here from 25 September. You'll need:

  • room sizes (square metres) and property facilities
  • details about the property structure and safety equipment
  • name and addresses of persons and organisations with an interest in the property
  • payment card details
  • licence holder date of birth
  • sketch plan of the layout of each floor
  • electrical installation condition report (EICR)
  • gas safety certificate, from a registered gas safe engineer
  • BS test report for any fire alarm system (HMOs only)
  • BS test report for any emergency lighting system (HMOs only)
  • landlord accreditation scheme certificate (if you are accredited)
  • copies of tenancy agreements


Please note paper applications will no longer be accepted.

Applications from non UK residents

We'll only accept applications for property licences from non-UK residents if they have a UK-based managing agent who contractually agrees to be bound by the conditions and obligations imposed by the licence, and signs a declaration to confirm this. Applications from limited companies will only be accepted from companies with a UK registered office (the licence will be in the company name).

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Resources for landlords

If you're a private tenant

These property licensing schemes are being introduced to help renters whose landlords are failing to treat them fairly or keep their homes safe.

If you think your landlord should have a licence but doesn't, or is failing to meet the licensing conditions, you can report this to us anonymously using the contact details on this page and we'll investigate.

If your home isn't covered by the new licensing measures but you're having difficulties with your landlord or property, please let us know - we'll support and intervene wherever possible.

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