Community safety and enforcement

We care about our residents’ safety and well-being. This means ensuring residents’ are safe socially and personally. It also means addressing environmental concerns.

We are working with our partners to make Hackney a safe place to live, work and visit.


Report community safety issues

Reporting issues help us keep Hackney safe.

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Community safety

Our community safety partnership plan 2023 to 2026 (PDF 4.9mb) outlines our priorities every year.

We work with other agencies as part of a community safety partnership. We tackle issues that can harm communities. These include transport-related incidents and other environmental factors that impact on public wellbeing.

Our main strategic priorities over the next 3 years are:

  • serious violence and gang violence
  • alcohol-related crime and disorder
  • on-street drug markets and substance misuse
  • domestic abuse and violence against women and girls (VAWG)

To find out about the activities we are doing to tackle each priority, see our community safety priorities (PDF 220kb).

Serious violence

We work closely with our partners to tackle serious violence by treating it as a preventable public health issue.

We’ve made violent crimes that residents are most concerned about the priorities of our new Serious Violence Duty Strategy 2024 to 2027 (PDF 6.6mb).

Based on resident feedback, we are focusing on the following four priorities:

  • violence against women and girls (including domestic abuse and serious sexual offences)
  • gangs and serious youth violence (including robbery and knife crime)
  • hate crime
  • serious violence in the night-time economy

See serious violence support and reporting.

Alcohol-related crime and disorder

We work with our partners, businesses and residents to help create a safer night-time economy for everyone.

On-street drug markets and substance misuse

We are working to make Hackney safer by tacking on-street drug markets, alongside providing support to residents affected by substance misuse.

Domestic abuse and sexual abuse support

We have a zero-tolerance approach to violence against women and girls and domestic abuse.

Hate crime and harassment support

Hackney is a proud, diverse borough. It has a strong tradition of standing up to all forms of hatred and discrimination. We continue to work with our partners in the police and with hate crime specialists. We train Hackney staff and residents to recognise and to be active bystanders against hate crime in all its forms.

Find out more about how we’re tackling hate crime, see Hackney no place for hate strategy 2023 to 2026 (PDF 7.8mb).

Preventing radicalisation and extremism

We work closely with our partners to safeguard vulnerable people who are at risk of getting involved in extremism and terrorism. We do this through the government’s Prevent programme.

Prevent offers training and guidance for partners and local organisations. It also provides support, through the Channel programme, for people who may be at risk of radicalisation.

It challenges all types of extremist ideology. This includes far-right extremism, which makes up almost one-third of Channel referrals nationwide.

Moped and bicycle assisted theft advice

Our CCTV operators work with the Metropolitan Police to deter theft by people on bikes and mopeds.

The joint operations have resulted in a number of arrests.

Our enforcement officers

We have 28 uniformed officers. They gather intelligence, issue fines, and other formal notices to tackle issues like:

  • antisocial behaviour
  • noise
  • urination
  • fly-tipping
  • graffiti

They work closely with partners to support businesses and ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

Public Spaces Protection Orders

Public space surveillance (CCTV) in Hackney

We have different types of public space surveillance systems available on land managed by us. These include CCTV in or around areas we manage, such as council housing estates, as well as CCTV in public places. We also offer temporary or permanent CCTV.

Emergency planning and response

We have the same responsibility for dealing with emergencies as organisations such as the police, the fire brigade and the ambulance service. See Civil protection: emergency planning and response.

External advice and contact numbers

Page updated on: 1 February 2024

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