Hackney Nights

Hackney has a thriving nightlife and is home to world class venues. We want to ensure everyone’s able to enjoy our nightlife without fear of harassment while protecting residents and visitors by tackling crime and antisocial behaviour. That’s why we’ve created our night time safety charter, Hackney Nights – to make Hackney a borough where everyone feels safe, welcome and included.


Hackney Nights venue accreditation scheme

A new accreditation scheme has arrived in Hackney. Accredited venues are safer and better equipped to deal with issues around the sale of alcohol.

Accredited venues must:

  • have staff fully trained around vulnerability, welfare, Ask for Angela and drink spiking
  • have zero tolerance towards any form of violence against women and sexual harassment
  • have appropriate measures in place for customer safety
  • have zero tolerance towards hate and be inclusive to all
  • reduce nuisance and have a robust noise policy
  • be sustainable and encourage greener practices
  • engage with their communities and the local authority

Our accredited venues:

Premises who gain the accreditation will also benefit from a 30% reduction to late night levy fees.

Businesses who are interested can access the scheme online via the Hackney Nights portal.

Hackney Nights portal

The online portal is available to all licensees.

It will help us rebuild a safer, stronger and more connected night time economy for everyone.

Give access to training and guidance on a range of key night time economy safety issues.

It will also provide you with timely updates and alerts from:

  • the council
  • police
  • other statutory partners
  • networking opportunities
  • event listings
  • local meetings

To sign up, email hackneynights@hackney.gov.uk or visit the Hackney Nights portal.

Page updated on: 21 June 2023