Tackling poor air quality

London’s leading council in tackling poor air quality

We’re London’s leading council in tackling poor air quality and we are determined to protect our residents from its harmful effects, which result in around 10,000 premature deaths in London every year.

In the Mayor’s manifesto, we have committed to reducing harmful nitrogen dioxide and particulate emissions.

We’ve one of the most extensive schools air quality monitoring and support programmes of any London borough, one of the greenest vehicle fleets, a growing school streets programme, an ever-expanding network of electric charging points and an extensive programme to support businesses to switch to low or zero emissions vehicles.

We can’t solve London’s air quality problem alone

That’s why we lobbied TfL successfully to extend the ultra low emissions zone to cover the whole borough in 2021, ensuring that older, polluting vehicles pay a price for driving through it.

It’s also why we’ll continue to push for regional and national solutions and explore all funding options available to improve air quality.

Find out what we’re doing to tackle air quality, and how you can support us to reduce air pollution:

Page updated on: 14 January 2020