Raising awareness about air quality and working with others

Pollution alerts

Daily air pollution levels are monitored and levels are shown on the daily air quality index (DAQI).

Occasionally there are short term increases in pollution levels across parts, or the whole, of London. This could be for one or several of the air pollutants including ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.

You can sign-up to receive alerts on high pollution days, so you can do the following:

  • reconsider your activities to avoid making pollution worse eg:
    • walk instead of drive
    • don’t BBQ or use solid fuel burning appliances
  • consider the routes you take to avoid high pollution areas eg:
    • walk and cycle along quieter streets rather than main roads
    • you may also wish to change times of activities such as exercise to avoid the rush hour when pollution levels tend to peak. This is particularly important if you have underlying health conditions such as asthma or heart problems

View more information on how to protect yourself on high pollution days.

Lobbying and working with others

As air pollution has no boundaries, it’s important that we work with others to improve air quality for all.

We’ve successfully lobbied regional and national government. This includes:

  • being a lead borough in lobbying Transport for London (TfL) to extend the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) from central London to the North and South Circulars. The ULEZ extension will be introduced in October 2021
  • responding to government consultations on airport expansions, putting forward the case for Hackney residents

We’ll continue to lobby the government for stricter measures to reduce air pollution.

This includes being part of a collective effort to lobby the government to introduce the World Health Organisation air quality guidelines into regulations.

While we’re committed to working towards meeting these tighter standards, the regulations would apply across the whole of England.

We also collaborate with a variety of organisations and groups including other London boroughs, The Greater London Authority, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and charities and the Environment Agency on ways to improve air quality.

Working with public health

As air pollution can have a significant impact on health, we work closely with colleagues in public health so we can ensure that the most vulnerable in Hackney are given the support they need.

This includes a programme of assessing air quality at all health centres in Hackney, including Homerton Hospital, plus providing expert advice on how air pollution can impact health and how we can reduce our exposure to air pollution.

Page updated on: 12 August 2021

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