Report a missed collection

Use this service to tell us if your waste or recycling was not collected on your scheduled day.

Find out how to put out your waste and recycling so that it is collected.

Before you start

If your bin was not collected, leave it out and wait until 4.30pm on your collection day.

We might come back and collect your bin before 4.30pm. If we do not, report the missed collection. We will then collect your rubbish within 48 hours.

You must report a missed collection within 2 days of your collection day. If not, we will collect your waste on your next collection day.

Report a missed collection

If you live on an estate or block of flats

It’s likely you have communal bin collections if you live on an estate or block of flats with over 8 properties.

If you have missed a communal collection, email

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Page updated on: 7 December 2022

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