Garden waste

Garden waste collections for street level properties with a garden. We will only collect your garden waste if you subscribe to the service.


Subscribe to our garden waste collection service

This service is for street level properties (houses or houses converted into flats – generally households with their own bin).

Subscribe to our garden waste collection service

The first subscription period is from 6 May 2024 to 31 March 2025.

The subscription fee starts at £78.

We will collect garden waste fortnightly from subscribers throughout the year. If you buy a subscription later in the year, you will pay the same price for the full term because the price and expiry date are fixed.

From April 2025 the subscription will be a yearly fee. We will remind residents when and how to renew the subscription for next year in February and March 2025.

We don’t offer any concessions or exemptions for the charged garden waste service. For those who prefer not to subscribe, free alternatives are available. These include home composting or Reuse and Recycling Centres.

Request removal of unwanted garden waste bin

We will remove any unwanted bins and bags from properties that do not wish to subscribe to our garden waste collection service in due course. If you would like your bin or bag removed sooner complete our online form:

Request removal of unwanted garden waste bin

Check if you’re entitled to a collection and find out your collection day

Use our postcode look up tool to find out what waste and recycling services your address should receive and your collection days.

Find your waste and recycling services

Report a missed collection

We will only collect garden waste from properties subscribed to the service. If your garden waste bin or bag was not collected, leave it out and wait until 6pm on your collection day. We might come back and collect your bin before 6pm. If we do not, report the missed collection. We will then collect your rubbish within 48 hours.

You must report a missed collection within 2 days of your collection day. If not, we will collect your waste on your next collection day.

You can only report a missed collection for your scheduled collection day.

Report a missed collection

Collecting garden waste from estates

Private blocks who would like to have garden waste collected must subscribe to the garden waste service.

To subscribe to garden waste collections for a private block, the manager of the block should contact our commercial waste team. They can email or call 020 8356 6683.

We are currently reviewing the options for collecting garden waste from households in Hackney housing estates. If you live in a flat on an estate but have your own garden, email

If you have communal gardens contact your managing agent or housing association. They’re responsible for the removal of garden waste.

Items you can and can’t recycle as garden waste

Christmas trees

We include Christmas tree collections as part of the garden waste collection subscription service.

Japanese knotweed

You must not put Japanese knotweed in with your garden waste or general rubbish.

The government has guidance on treating and disposing of invasive plants. If you have Japanese knotweed or other invasive plants on your land you should contact a specialist contractor to remove and dispose of it properly.

Disposing compostable packaging

Compostable plastic is a material made from renewable materials such as vegetable starch and soy protein. Compostable plastic should be put into your general waste and not your food waste, garden waste or recycling. This is because in north London food waste is processed in anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities and mixed food and garden waste goes to in-vessel composting (IVC) facilities.

All packaging (compostable liners/Vegware/plastic bags/packing peanuts) is removed from food and garden waste by ‘de-packaging’ machinery and disposed of. This has to be done because non-compostable items are often put into the food/garden waste when they shouldn’t be, causing contamination. The de-packaging machinery we use is not currently able to distinguish between compostable and non-compostable packaging when removing contaminants.

What happens to your garden waste

We send garden waste from households in Hackney to an in-vessel composting plant in south east England to be turned into compost.

Other ways to recycle garden waste

The most environmentally-friendly alternative is to compost your green garden waste yourself. Composting is a natural process that transforms your waste into nutrient-rich soil. Garden waste can be home composted using a composter. See Reduce, reuse and repair – Composting and water butts.

You can also take garden waste to one of four reuse and recycling centres:

  • Islington, 40 Hornsey Street, N7 8HU
  • Walthamstow, South Access Road, E17 8AX
  • Leyton, Gateway Road, E10 5BY
  • Wood Green, Western Road, N22 6UG

For more information, see Reuse and Recycling Centres (tips or dumps).

Burning garden waste

Burning garden waste is not recommended in Hackney as the smoke may cause a nuisance or harm to health. You must also not dispose of waste in a way that is likely to cause pollution. We encourage people to compost their garden waste, but if this is not possible, choosing recycling and waste collection services is a safer and more environmentally friendly option.

Garden waste collection terms and conditions

See Garden waste collection terms and conditions (google doc).

Page updated on: 18 June 2024

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