Play area improvements – update

In 2021 we consulted park users, local residents and children on design proposals to improve the play areas at Butterfield Green, Clapton Square, Haggerston Park and Stoke Newington Common. These new play areas all opened in early 2023. For more information, visit new play areas.

Hackney parks with play areas

Adventure playgrounds

  • Apples and Pears Adventure Playground, Pearson Street, E2 8EL. Tel: 020 7729 6062
  • Evergreen Adventure Playground, Beehive Close, (off Richmond Road), E8 3JT. Tel: 020 7275 9004
  • Hackney March Adventure Playground, Daubney Fields (off Kingsmead Way), E9 5PP. Tel: 020 8986 7245
  • Homerton Grove Adventure Playground, Wardle Street E9 5QG. Tel: 020 8985 9202
  • Kidsactive Adventure Playground Hackney (KAPH), Spring lane, Big Hill, Clapton E5 9HQ (open to all if spaces are available, but priority is given to children with special needs). Tel: 020 8806 6149
  • Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground, Shakespeare Walk, N16 8TL. Tel: 020 7249 8405
  • Shoreditch Adventure Playground, Mintern Street N1 5EF. Tel: 020 7729 3770

Play areas with accessible toilets

There are play areas with accessible toilets in the following parks:

Map of playgrounds

Play streets

You can apply for a temporary play street order, which allows you to close your street to through traffic for up to 3 hours per week, turning it into a play street.

Page updated on: 19 May 2023

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