Haggerston Park

Haggerston Park is in the south-west corner of Hackney, bordering Hackney Road. The park was developed in two phases in the 1950s and 1980s transforming the bomb-damaged gas works and housing area.

The northern half of the park was developed first and was laid out following a nautical theme. The southern half followed and included the development of Hackney City Farm.

The park holds a Green Flag award. The awards are given to the best green spaces in the country and are awarded each year to make sure the quality of the green space remains high.



Changing Places toilet facility

To use the Changing Places toilet, please register to request the door code.

Register for the door code

Changing Places facilities are designed so that they are completely accessible and provide enough space and equipment for people who are not able to use the toilet independently.

By registering you are agreeing to use the facility with somebody who is unable to use the toilet independently and for the above purpose only. You are also agreeing not to share the code with anyone else. Sharing the code could leave the facilities at risk.

Haggerston Park kiosk

Rosie Hore runs the refreshment kiosk in Haggerston Park. Rosie also runs Clerkenwell Kiosk, a park café in St James’s Churchyard in Islington. Haggerston Kiosk serves specialty coffee, fresh pastries and cakes. The kiosk also offers ice cream for dogs in the summer and babycinos for free. All packaging is recyclable or compostable and a community noticeboard is up for park users to post events and meet-ups.

Haggerston kiosk is open 7 days a week from 8am to 4pm in winter. It’s open for longer hours in the summer. For more information email Rosie at haggerstonkiosk@gmail.com.

BMX track

The BMX track is accessible whenever the park is open and is free to use. If you would like to learn how to ride the track, Hackney BMX Club runs coaching sessions every Sunday, 10am to 12pm.

The track is closed for club sessions 10am to 2.30pm every Sunday.

No dogs are allowed in the BMX track.

Orchard and food growing space

The community orchard and food growing garden is next to the BMX track. If you’d like to get involved in community food growing, complete the Haggerston Orchard contact form.


Haggerston Park is licensed for plays, showing films, live music, recorded music and dance performances. Find out about holding events in parks.

Haggerston Park user group

Haggerston Park user group represents local park users. For more information and to join, email haggerstonparkusergroup@gmail.com.


Hackney City Farm

For over 20 years, Hackney City Farm has been giving the local community the opportunity to experience farming right in the heart of the city. It offers an opportunity for children and adults to get up close to a range of farmyard animals.


Barbecues are not allowed in Haggerston Park.


Dogs are excluded from the play area and sports facilities. Council Officers have the power to request that dogs are put on leads if they are behaving aggressively, causing damage, or if their owner does not have appropriate control over them. More information on dogs in parks.

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Page updated on: 24 January 2024

Haggerston Park


Yorkton Street
E2 8NH




Closing times:

  • 1 January to 21 January  – 5pm
  • 22 January to 4 February – 5.30pm
  • 5 February to 25 February – 6pm
  • 26 February to 10 March  – 6.30pm
  • 11 March to 24 March – 7pm
  • 25 March to 7 April – 8pm
  • 8 April to 21 April – 8.30pm
  • 22 April to 5 May – 9pm
  • 6 May to 11 August – 9.30pm
  • 12 August to 18 August – 9pm
  • 19 August to 8 September – 8.30pm
  • 9 September to 15 September – 8pm
  • 16 September to 6 October – 7.30pm
  • 7 October to 13 October – 7pm
  • 14 October to 27 October – 6.30pm
  • 28 October to 31 December – 5pm