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Impairments and accessibility

Services for those with impairments, including learning difficulties.

Disabled parking permit (blue badge)

The blue badge scheme provides parking concessions to help disabled people travelling either as drivers or passengers to park close to their destinations.

Parking bays for disabled drivers

If you are a blue badge holder with no access to off-street parking, you may be able to get a disabled parking bay installed outside your home.

Companion badge

The companion badge is a type of parking permit that provides eligible residents with improved protection against people who steal blue badges displayed in vehicles.

Directory of support

To see a range of national organisations for people with impairments see support groups and organisations.

Hackney and the City’s vision strategy

Hackney and the City’s vision strategy sets out the current landscape for eye health and visual impairment support provision in the borough identifies service and delivery considerations and sets out recommendations for current and future service provision.

The strategy brings together professionals across hospitals, health agencies, the Council, voluntary sector, patients and service users to evidence current and future service requirements, resulting in a cross-sector plan of action that supports the implementation of outcome frameworks for the NHS, public health and adult social care.

It also sets the stage for the development of seamless, cost-effective and joined up prevention initiatives and service provision in Hackney and the City that puts patients and service users at the heart of their delivery.

Specialist equipment for blind or partially sighted people

There’s a variety of equipment available to help with everyday tasks. However, we can only offer equipment once a rehabilitation worker has made an assessment of need.

How much will it cost?

Equipment is free. If you wish to purchase your own equipment we can advise you on which particular pieces of equipment best suit your needs. Professional advice from a rehabilitation worker can help you avoid costly mistakes. Contact us to make a referral.

Page updated on: 26 November 2019