Blue badges

Apply for or renew a badge

Apply / renew now

You’ll need to upload:

  • a passport-sized photo
  • proof of address
  • proof of identity

Please send your supporting documents and tracking reference number to once your application’s complete.

Once we’ve received all your documents, it can take around 6 to 8 weeks to process your application. If you’re renewing, you should submit your application at least 2 months before your badge is due to expire.

Where can I park with my blue badge?

Fraud and misuse

The badge is for the badge holder only – it’s a criminal offence to let anyone else use it when you’re not in the car. It must only be used when the person it belongs to is in the vehicle.

You must not let people use your badge on your behalf unless you’re with them, even for things like shopping or collecting parcels for you. We investigate and prosecute blue badge misuse and fraud. If you’re found guilty of misusing a blue badge you could be fined up to £1,000.

If your blue badge is confiscated, it will only be returned following a full investigation and can take up to 3 months. You’ll need to provide a written statement of the incident, proof of ID and address.

If you’re in any doubt about when and how you can use your Blue Badge, call us on 020 8356 6262.

Report misuse

If you suspect someone’s misusing a badge or using one fraudulently, please email or call 0208 356 8866. All calls are confidential.

What should I do if my blue badge is stolen?

If your blue badge is stolen, you should report the theft to the police immediately, then contact the Council on 020 8356 6262.

You should quote the crime reference number or crime report number when you request a replacement. You will need to provide proof of ID, address and a written statement of the incident.

Page updated on: 19 February 2021

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