What is disabled parking?

Blue badges

The blue badge scheme helps you park closer to your destination if you’re disabled.

As a blue badge holder you may also be able to apply for additional concessions that are available in Hackney.

Additional concessions

Companion e-badge

The companion e-badge is an electronic parking badge which is issued free of charge to blue badge holders in Hackney that meet the eligibility criteria.

It gives holders the benefit and security of not having to display their blue badge in their vehicle when parking in their home zone just like a residents permit.

Find out more about companion e-badges.

Personalised permit bays for blue badge holders

If you’re a blue badge holder, and your mobility impairment makes it difficult for you to walk short distances, but you don’t have access to off-street parking, you may be able to get a personalised permit bay installed outside your home or in a residential car park managed by the Council’s parking services.

These bays are allocated to a single disabled driver that has passed set criteria and can only be used by the blue badge holder that it has been assigned to.

Find out more about personalised permit bays.

General use disabled bay

Disabled persons bays are reserved for blue badge and companion e-badge holders to park in only and are enforceable 24/7, unless otherwise stated on a sign.

These bays can be used by any blue badge holder or companion e-badge holder in their home parking zone.

Disabled persons bays will usually be installed close to public facilities such as doctors surgeries so that they are accessible.

Page updated on: 20 May 2022