Visitor vouchers terms and conditions

Your entitlement to a voucher

  • you are entitled to ten books of vouchers per calendar month consisting of a combination of either one calendar day or two-hour vouchers. The allocation is per property
  • your permanent address must be within the boundary of a Hackney Borough Parking Zone
  • your vehicle can be a passenger or a goods vehicle. The overall height must not exceed 2.27m (7'5''), the length must not exceed 5.25m (17'3'') and the unladen weight must not exceed 3,500kg (996lb)
  • you do not have to be a vehicle owner to purchase visitor vouchers
  • residents on housing estates can purchase on-street vouchers, to park outside the housing estate.  To park inside the estate you can apply for estate vouchers
  • if you are the holder of a valid blue badge or aged 60 or over, you are entitled to a 50% discount on the first two books of visitor vouchers bought per month. This discount is also available for disabled children residing at the property on presentation of a disability award notification letter

You will not be issued a visitor vouchers if:

  • you cannot be verified as the person residing at the property within your application
  • you can't provide documents from the prescribed list, or you submit fraudulent documents
  • you knowingly make a false statement in order to obtain a visitor voucher
  • payment is refused by your bank or credit card
  • you have been found to have used the visitor vouchers fraudulently
  • you have unpaid penalty charge notices and are registered as a persistent evader, you will be refused visitor vouchers until you have paid the fines in full
  • you have remaining charges for previous vouchers

How and where to use your visitor vouchers

  • the visitor voucher must be clearly displayed in the front passenger side of your windscreen, with its details clearly visible from outside of the vehicle
  • for each voucher, scratch out each section to show the date and month from when the vehicle is parked during the operational hours of the parking zone
  • the zone displayed on the voucher must match the zone in which you park
  • if you wish to park for longer than the voucher duration indicated then you will need to use more vouchers in a consecutive method
  • visitor vouchers can be used in resident bays, shared use bays or permit holder bays
  • visitor vouchers do not guarantee a parking space
  • the restricted hours will be located on sign plates adjacent to the bays

Where not to park with visitor vouchers

  • visitor voucher are non-transferable and can't be used in any other vehicle
  • visitor vouchers are not valid in business permit bays, disabled parking bays, pay and display bays, motorcycle bays, single or double yellow lines, doctor's bays, car club bays or car parks
  • visitor vouchers are not valid on housing estates
  • visitor vouchers are not valid in suspended bays. This will result in a penalty charge notice being issued and your vehicle maybe relocated or removed to the car pound
  • if we need to suspend a parking bay and your vehicle has been parked for an extended period of time, we may relocate your vehicle to a parking bay outside of the suspended area
  • please check the signs carefully for the times when the suspension is in operation

Supporting documents

You may need to submit one form of evidence from the list below, to complete your application. Scanned copies and clear photographs will be accepted.

  • driving licence
  • council tax statement
  • utility bill dated in last three months
  • signed tenancy agreement
  • bank statement (current or savings account) dated in last three months
  • solicitor's letter confirming completion (new residents only)
  • legally drawn letter from landlord or estate agent valid for the full life of the permit
  • rent book from council or housing trust

Lost / damaged /stolen vouchers

  • we do not replace lost, damaged or stolen visitor vouchers

Vouchers are non-refundable

  • we do not refund visitor vouchers

Change of address

  • if you change your address, we do not transfer or refund your old vouchers, you will need to use them before you move

Preventing fraud

  • the council considers fraud and attempted fraud to be an extremely serious matter and will not hesitate to take preventative, remedial or punitive actions against any person or organisation suspected of fraud or attempted fraud
  • if we cancel your voucher because of fraud or misuse then you will not be eligible for a refund
  • vouchers remain the property of Hackney Council and we reserve the right to withdraw any voucher without giving prior notice or reason, and your vehicle may be issued with a penalty charge notice or removed
  • it is an offence under the Vehicle (Excise) Act 1962 (Section 7) to park or keep a mechanically propelled vehicle on a public road if the vehicle is unlicenced


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