The Council is committed to transparency and open access to information. See below for information on spending, senior salaries, the community right to bid, members’ expenses and allowances, and property and land assets.

Payments over £500

A monthly list of payments for individual invoice values of £500 or more.

Legally enforceable agreements purchase orders over £5,000

Senior salaries

Information on senior officer salaries, which is updated twice each financial year.

Gender pay gap reporting

Gender pay gap information is provided in compliance with the gender pay gap reporting duty.

Community right to bid – assets of community value

Local voluntary and community groups have the right to nominate certain local publicly or privately owned buildings as assets of community value.

Members’ allowances

A full breakdown of member allowances and expenses.

Trade union facility time

Property and land assets

The property and land assets report includes data on:

  • municipal buildings such as Town Hall and Council offices
  • operational buildings such as education and leisure centres
  • council-owned commercial and voluntary buildings
  • parks, open spaces and land
  • temporary accommodation

Social housing asset value

Details of social housing stock held in the Council’s housing revenue account.

Our structure chart


Performance annual report

The report shows the figures for a set of indicators we use to check how we are performing. If we set a target for an indicator, it shows whether the result is:

  • at or above target (green)
  • less than 10% below target (amber)
  • more than 10% below target (red)

The national indicator set finished at the end of 2010/11, so we use a new set of measures developed within our performance management framework. This helps us monitor our performance, hold the Council and our partners to account and check that we are meeting our strategic objectives.

Some of the indicators are the same as the old ones. Where this is the case, we have included the results from 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Re-using this data

The data published here is free to re-use under the Open Government Licence.

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