Resident involvement

Support for the cost of living crisis

See our cost of living support guide for information on what support is available to help with the cost of living crisis.

Participate and help make housing better

You can individually get involved in our various consultations and reviews throughout the year or collectively set up a residents group to discuss and suggest projects to improve your local estate and neighbourhood.

You can attend the neighbourhood panels, resident liaison groups and tenant scrutiny panels to monitor the Council’s housing performance.

Get involved in managing your own estate

Joining a tenant management organisation (TMO) will let you take part in managing your estate/block.

A TMO is an organisation set up by tenants and/or leaseholders to manage their estate/block.

Each TMO has its own legal contract with the Council, known as the management agreement. This agreement outlines what services the TMO is responsible for and what services the council is responsible for. The services provided by TMOs are mainly funded by the management fees paid by the Council under the management agreement.

Community development funding

Funding and support is available for residents who live in Hackney Council properties and would like to get together with their neighbours to do a community development project or engagement activity that brings people together.

Standards for involving residents

We aim to give residents the chance to have a say in decisions that affect their homes and environment.

Our approach is to:

  • support and encourage residents to play a part in influencing decisions made about their homes and living environment
  • ensure that residents who want to get involved are aware of the opportunities to do so
  • explain how our decisions have been influenced by resident feedback and consultation
  • record your preferences for how you would like to get involved
  • ensure residents receive clear and timely information about housing services and are directly involved in evaluating the service provided
  • encourage and support the empowerment of residents and build the capacity of individuals and groups.
  • ensure resident involvement reflects the diverse communities in the borough
  • be innovative and encourage involvement amongst traditionally under-represented groups
  • involve residents in walkabouts and mystery shopping to monitor and improve the condition of estates and services provided
  • ensure that resident groups receive relevant training and other resources available to support them

Our service standards:

  • we will consult with residents and undertake an annual review of the resources and support available for resident involvement
  • we will aim to improve resident satisfaction with our participation opportunities
  • Council staff will attend the quarterly Enhanced Tenant and Resident Association (ETRA) meetings; take the action notes and agree these with the chair

Code of conduct for involved residents and staff

For all residents and staff involved in resident participation there is a minimum standard of behaviour that is expected of them.

Page updated on: 5 October 2022

Resident Participation Team