Check planning policy in your area

We welcome planning applications that follow Hackney’s planning policy.

Planning policy helps protect Hackney’s historic, beautiful and useful places, and encourages more to be developed. Your planning application stands a better chance of being granted permission if it’s designed with these policies in mind.

You can check policies in a particular area using the interactive map of Hackney’s planning policies (TBC).

Our local plan

The local plan is a collection of policies that sets out the vision for Hackney’s development. It is particularly important for larger developments that will have an impact on an area’s character.

Check the local plan.

Further guidance

All decisions on planning applications are made using this statutory guidance. This includes:


Conservation protects places of special architectural and historic interest. Planning controls are tighter in conservation areas and for listed buildings. The special interest of all heritage assets and their settings is taken into account when determining planning applications. You may also require other types of consent such as listed building consent or scheduled monument consent.

It is important to check if your property is a heritage asset, or if there are any heritage assets nearby that may be affected by your proposals.

Check if your property is in a conservation area.

Article 4 directions

In some areas, an Article 4 direction is put in place to increase planning controls and help protect the character and appearance of the area.

If your type of project does not normally need planning permission because it’s classed as permitted development, it may need it if an Article 4 direction is in place.

Find out about more about the Article 4 Direction areas in Hackney.

Works to trees

If your work will affect any trees, you must check if they have a tree preservation order (TPO) on them. Works to trees in conservation areas also require notification to the council.

Further information on works to trees and TPOs.

Page updated on: 28 September 2020

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