Visitor parking

As a visitor to the borough, you can park in a pay and display parking bay or park in one of the Council’s car parks for all-day parking.

Paying for short stay parking

Pay and display

You can park in either a pay and display only or a shared use parking bay during the controlled hours of a parking zone (PZ). Shared use bays are pay and display bays which also allow parking for permit holders.

Pay and display bays and shared use bays offer different parking periods for visitors during the controlled hours (eg 2, 4, or 10 hours). The operating times are shown on parking signs and on the pay and display machine’s instructions, which also show the cost of parking, the minimum return times and the closest alternative machine (where there is one) in case it’s out of order.

You’ll need to pay for the length of your stay during the controlled hours. You can buy a ticket from the machine when you arrive and clearly display it on your vehicle’s windscreen.

Alternatively, you can pay for parking in Hackney using your mobile phone. RingGo is a quick and secure way to pay for parking, and it’s also cheaper than purchasing a pay and display ticket from a machine (if no additional features are requested, such as text reminders). Instead of having to find the right change for a pay and display machine, you can simply use your mobile phone to pay and it will be charged to your credit or debit card. Once you’ve set up a RingGo account this can be used to pay for parking across Hackney.

Paying for parking in cashless bays

In some parts of the borough, we have cashless pay and display and shared use bays. This means pay and display machines are not available and you must pay for your parking using RingGo. The cost of parking, the operational times, the minimum return times and nearest cash payment bay are shown on the terms and conditions sign.

The parking zone (PZ) map shows the locations of the bays.

Pay and display charges for parking zones



Charges pay by mobile service (per hour)

Charges coin payments (per hour)

A Wenlock £3.60-£4.80 £3.80-£5.00
B Shoreditch £4.80 £5.00
C Dalston £1.20-£2.60 £1.40 – £2.80
D Hackney Central £2.60 £2.80
E Stoke Newington £2.60 £2.80
F Hoxton £3.80
(£1.40 an hour on a Saturday in a small number of locations).
(£1.20 an hour on a Saturday in a small number of locations).
G Brownswood £2.60 £2.80
G2 Finsbury Park £2.60 £2.80
H De Beauvoir £2.60 £2.80
J Queensbridge £2.60 £2.80
K Hackney Wick £1.80 £2.00
L South Homerton £2.60 £2.80
M Clissold £2.60 £2.80
N Homerton & Lower Clapton £1.50-£2.60 £1.70-£2.80
P Victoria Park Village £2.60 £2.80
Q Chatham £1.20-£2.60 £1.40-£2.80
R Rectory Road £2.60 £2.80
S Hackney North £2.60 £2.80
T Stamford Hill £2.60 £2.80
U Stamford Hill £2.60 £2.80

Visiting Homerton Hospital

Some of the pay and display bays around Homerton University Hospital provide an unlimited stay to allow adequate time for visitors to park. They charge a lower rate for the first 4 hours.

These bays are located on roads surrounding the hospital including, Blurton Road, Churchill Walk, Clifden Road, Dunlace Road, Glenarm Road, Homerton Row, Powerscroft Road and Wardle Street. Please ensure you read the pay and display conditions and signs before parking.

Match and event day parking scheme

Please be aware that there are additional match and event day parking controls in Zone G, G2 and half of Zone M when Arsenal Football Club host a football match or major event at the Emirates Stadium.

Blue Badge and Companion Badge holders

If you have a Blue Badge or Companion Badge, you’re allowed free unlimited parking time in all Hackney pay and display and shared use parking bays. If you’re a Blue Badge holder, you don’t need to display a clock but if you’re a Companion Badge holder you should do so in pay and display only bays, and also in all locations outside of your ‘home’ zone.

If the pay and display machine is out of order

A Civil Enforcement Officer will issue a parking ticket if a valid pay and display ticket is not clearly displayed during the controlled hours.

If the machine is out of order, users must use the mobile phone parking system instead or use another pay and display machine, if possible. The closest alternative machine will be displayed on the machine. If you can’t find the alternative machine, or you’ve lost money without receiving a pay and display ticket, you can contact us for further advice. We try to repair all machines within the shortest possible time.

If the pay and display machine doesn’t give you a ticket

If you have lost money in a machine and haven’t received a valid parking ticket, please contact us. We’ll investigate the faulty machine, and if appropriate, issue a refund in the form of a parking voucher.


Our machines do not give change. Please make sure you use the correct amount. If you don’t have change, you can use the mobile phone parking system instead.

Paying for time outside of the parking zone’s controlled hours

If you pay for time outside of the parking zone’s operating hours, it will roll over to the start of operational hours of the next day. This will be shown on your pay and display ticket. This means you can pay for visitor parking time in advance.

Minimum return time

The minimum return period is the minimum amount of time before you’re allowed to return to a pay and display or shared use parking bay once you’ve left it.

This will generally be 2 hours depending on the location. It’s designed to give other motorists the opportunity to use a particular parking space and is shown on the machines and the signs.

Page updated on: 24 March 2020



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