A suspension temporarily prohibits anyone else using a parking bay or bays. If you need a space reserved for a particular reason, you'll need a parking suspension.

What can suspensions be granted for?

A single bay or group of bays may be suspended. Suspended bays are indicated by yellow warning signs erected as near to the suspended location as possible. We aim to erect these at least 3 days in advance.

Suspensions can be granted for:

  • removals
  • statutory utilities work (gas, water or electricity)
  • construction / engineering / vehicles access
  • filming
  • highway improvements
  • local events


Suspensions are charged at a daily rate plus administration fee. Please note we require a minimum of 7 working days notice in order to process a suspension application. All applications are subject to an approval process. Please read the terms and conditions before applying.

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Suspension charges

An administration fee of £75 is chargeable for each suspension (regardless of the duration and number of spaces required). In addition to this, a charge of £25 per space, per day is charged. Please note that all suspension applications must be received providing at least seven working days before the suspension start date. Please see the terms and conditions (also available at the bottom of the application form) for more details.

Removal / relocation of vehicles parked in suspended bays

It is an offence to park in a suspended bay and contravening vehicles may be issued a penalty charge notice (parking fine) or be relocated to our pound. If you suspect your vehicle has been removed or relocated from a suspended bay please see vehicle removal.

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