Litter, street cleaning and public toilets

We have over 1000 litter bins and spend over £1 million a year cleaning the streets. You must not drop litter. You can be fined up to £2,500 for littering. Clean streets improve the image and atmosphere of a road. Although it is impossible to guarantee that there will be no litter at any time, we aim to ensure that all our streets and markets are kept as clean as possible.

Report litter or unswept streets

You can report litter, broken glass or unswept streets using a form.

Businesses’ responsibilities

Business owners should ensure their customers and employees do not drop litter within 100 metres of their premises. You should display posters about environmental awareness or provide more bins around your premises. You could be fined up to £2500 if litter is being dropped within 100 metres of your premises.

When is my street cleaned?

All streets are swept at least twice a week, with main roads swept several times every day.

Spillage after collection

Tell us if our waste collectors have left a mess – we’ll arrange to have it cleared up.

Report a spillage

Request a litter bin

Tell us if a street needs extra litter bins.

Request a litter bin

Dog fouling

Report dog fouling

Syringes and needles

If you’ve found needles or syringes on the street, please contact us on 020 8356 5000. We’ll arrange to collect and remove any hazardous items immediately.

Dead animals

We will remove any dead animals from publicly accessible places.

Report a dead animal

Public toilets

Our new and refurbished public toilets have been designed to the highest standards. They provide a safe environment, are easy to maintain and are resistant to vandalism and misuse.

Public toilets in Hackney

  • Stamford Hill (opposite Sainsbury’s), N16 (7am-7pm)
  • Ridley Road, E8 (7am-7pm)
  • Mare Street (Narrow Way), E8 (7am-7pm)
  • Hoxton Market (Stanway Street), N16 (7am-7pm)
  • Hackney Town Hall, E8 (7am-7pm)
  • Dalston Passage, N8 (24hr)
  • Kingsland Waste, E8 (24hr)

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Page updated on: 9 April 2020

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