Environmental enforcement

Pay your fine (fixed penalty notice)

If you’ve received a fine (starting with reference QZF) under Section 88 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Littering and urination fixed penalty notices):

Pay your fine starting QZF

For all other kinds of fixed penalty notice, call us. If you believe you have grounds to challenge your fine, email us at enforcementsupport@hackney.gov.uk.


Illegal waste dumping or fly-tipping is a serious concern for us and the local community. It can be physically dangerous and shift the financial burden of cleaning waste on to taxpayers.

Illegal street trading and illegal vehicle sales and repairs

It is illegal to trade, sell or repair vehicles on the public highway or other public places without the appropriate council trading licence.


The council is committed to reducing and removing undesirable graffiti.

Dog fouling

It is an offence if you do not remove your pet’s poo from land within Hackney that is accessible to the public.

Bonfire problems

The council is committed to reducing air pollution. Burning rubbish is the worst way to get rid of it – they release harmful chemicals into the air.


Fly-posting is putting posters on trees, street furniture, post boxes, walls, buildings and telephone boxes without our permission. It is illegal.


We have over 1000 litter bins and spend over £1 million a year cleaning the streets. You must not drop litter. You can receive a fine up to £2,500 for littering. Clean streets improve the image and atmosphere of a road.

Page updated on: 19 April 2024

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