Refugee crisis

The government has confirmed it is accepting an additional 20,000 refugees from Syria over the life of the parliament.

The refugees are being selected from the established camps in Syria, and from elsewhere in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. Priority is being given to orphans and families with vulnerable children, and the refugees are being processed largely through the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation scheme.

The government has committed to “…work intensively with local authorities and the devolved administrations to put in place the necessary arrangements to house and support the refugees that we resettle…” and have been asking local authorities to help. Hackney are proud to have offered its assistance to those in need, and are committed to supporting the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Scheme.

Hackney has a long history of offering support to refugees. We have been working with other councils, central government, refugee organisations, and partner agencies, and have developed a robust resettlement model for the borough. The Council has identified the best package of assistance we can offer to Syrian refugees, working in partnership with refugee action.

We’re delighted to have already received and supported our first six Syrian refugee families under the scheme. We’ve committed to taking at least seven families, and are liaising with central government regarding the expected timeframe for additional arrivals.

How to help local refugees

If you can help, please tell us what support you can offer, and the Council will endeavour to follow up on contacts from individuals and local organisations.

If you have any properties to offer for Syrian refugees (preferably at the local housing allowance (LHA) rate), please contact us ASAP.

I want to help

Support a local organisation

There are many refugees that have already settled in Hackney that need your help and support. Hackney’s Advice Sector works with many of these refugees and you can visit Advice in Hackney’s directory to find out more about these organisations and how you can apply to volunteer or donate money.

Hackney Refugee Forum is an umbrella network for refugee organisations, hosted by Hackney Council for Voluntary Service. You can find out more by contacting Ali Aksoy:

Foster a child

Unaccompanied children are vulnerable and may be traumatised following their experience and journey. They need safe homes where they can have the time, space and support to begin to rebuild their lives.

For more information about how you can support asylum-seeking children through fostering, visit our fostering page, or contact our Fostering Recruitment Team on 0800 0730 418 or

How to help refugees through national or international work

Page updated on: 22 January 2020

Refugee Crisis


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