Rebuilding a greener Hackney

Lockdown has changed the way we all get around.

People are walking and cycling more, spending more time in their local area and drastically reducing the amount they travel by public transport, which has significantly reduced capacity.

This has brought a number of benefits to the capital like cleaner air, less traffic, quieter neighbourhoods and higher levels of active travel.

We want to rebuild a greener Hackney that secures these benefits for future generations.

So far we’ve:

In the coming weeks, we’re

Have your say

All measures are being introduced using experimental traffic orders for a maximum period of 18 months, which means you can see how the measures work in practice before having your say. Experimental traffic orders will be advertised in the London Gazette and the Hackney Gazette.

You can have your say for up to 6 months after the measures have been implemented. Alternatively, you can also email or write to us by sending your comments to ‘Freepost Streetscene’.

Letters will be sent to all residents in the local area prior to implementation, outlining how they can have their say.

Find out more and have your say

Why are we doing this now? 

Given lockdown restrictions remain subject to change, and people are continuing to avoid public transport, it is important that we support the 70% of Hackney households that do not own a car to walk and cycle instead.

There is also a risk that, as public transport capacity remains significantly lower, car use will return to or exceed pre-lockdown levels, with the associated effect this will have on road safety and air quality.

We need to act quickly to make roads safer for walking and cycling, and to help residents maintain social distancing. This is in line with Department for Transport guidance, which states that: “Measures should be taken as swiftly as possible, and in any event within weeks, given the urgent need to change travel habits before the restart takes full effect”.

The views of residents and businesses, including any suggested changes to how schemes operate, will be taken into account before any decision on whether or not to make the measures permanent.

This process is in line with specific guidance from Transport for London, and the Department for Transport, whose guidance states that: ‘authorities should monitor and evaluate any temporary measures they install, with a view to making them permanent, and embedding a long-term shift to active travel as we move from restart to recovery’.


Page updated on: 14 August 2020