We’ve committed to reducing the dominance of cars on our roads in our transport strategy. Approximately 70% of our residents don’t own a vehicle, yet the kerbside remains dominated by parking. Using our kerbside space, for something other than car storage, is an opportunity to improve the urban realm for our residents.

Community parklets repurpose a parking space on the street where you live, for community uses other than the storage of cars. They can include planters, benches, games, notice boards or anything that your creativity and inventiveness can come up with.

Do you want a community parklet of your own?

We are inviting ideas for community parklets on residential streets. If your proposal’s shortlisted, you’ll be asked to submit detailed designs before the final selections are made. Shortlisting will take place at the start of September.

Successful parklets will be in place for one year initially, so that their effects can be judged. The most effective and well used ones will have the opportunity of becoming permanent. This will involve further consultation with local residents.

If you become a parklet keeper, you will be responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of your parklet, so this is a great chance to be part of how your neighbourhood develops. Parklets can be designed and managed by groups of neighbours or individuals.

We’re offering grants of up to £250 to help with the costs of proposals that are selected for delivery. Read our parklet FAQs.


Application process

The community parklet programme is available to Hackney residents. Applying for a parklet is simple:

1. Read the parklet design guidance, which gives a full explanation of the process

Parklet design guidance.

2. Come up with a proposal

What kind of parklet do you want to create?

3. Discuss with your neighbours and get their support

4. Complete the application form

Applications for parklets are now closed. If you would like to be kept informed about future parklet work, please add your email to the mailing list below.

5. Post notices

Post notices on your street to let people know you have applied.

6. Shortlisted proposals

Shortlisted proposals will be asked to produce detailed designs, a maintenance plan, evidence of local support and evidence of public liability insurance.

7. Site visits

We will arrange a site visit to discuss your plan.

What happens after you apply?

We will select the most promising 15 proposals to take forward.

Don’t worry if you don’t get selected in this first round. We plan to grow the scheme beyond this initial trial and you are welcome to resubmit your proposal in future rounds.

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Parklet FAQs

Page updated on: 7 February 2020