Household Support Fund

The Household Support Fund provides help towards food and fuel costs for Hackney residents. The Department for Work and Pensions provides the funding for this.

The majority of eligible residents do not need to apply, we contact them instead.

Under this scheme children who are eligible for free school meals in Hackney state-funded primary and secondary schools should receive a food voucher during the school holidays. If you do not receive this voucher or have any queries, contact the school about this.

Until March 2024 there is some help available by applying to the Household Support Fund. Support is not guaranteed and depends upon the level of demand and the level of funding available at the time of application. All support is discretionary and we treat each case on its own merits. Those with no recourse to public funds are not eligible for this funding.

We treat anyone who applies and is deemed eligible equally and fairly within the constraints on the budget.

To qualify for consideration by us you must be resident in Hackney. If you live outside of Hackney you should apply to the local authority in which you are living.

To be considered for this discretionary support you need to apply to the Hackney Money Hub. To find out more and to apply, see Get help through Hackney Money Hub.

You may also find more help on GOV.UK – cost of living support.

Page updated on: 20 July 2023