Garden waste recycling

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We provide wheeled bins and reusable bags for storing garden waste. Collections are every 2 weeks.

Enter your postcode to find out if you are entitled to a garden waste collection and to find out your collection day:

Please put your bin or bag at the front boundary of your home at street level before 7am on your collection day.

Collections for estates and blocks

Some estates and blocks have communal bins for garden waste. If you have a garden but do not receive the doorstep garden waste collections, email to request the service.

What garden waste can I recycle?

  • grass
  • leaves
  • twigs and small branches
  • cuttings
  • flowers
  • plants
  • weeds

What can I not put in my brown bin / bag?

  • soil
  • rubble
  • logs
  • large branches
  • DIY wood
  • pet waste
  • household rubbish
  • plastic bags
  • turf

Japanese knotweed

You must not put Japanese knotweed in with your garden waste or general rubbish. The government has guidance on treating and disposing of invasive plants. If you have Japanese knotweed or other invasive plants on your land you should contact a specialist contractor to remove and dispose of it properly. 

What should I do with large amounts of garden waste?

You can order an extra brown bin or a re-usable bag. You can also bring waste to a household waste disposal site.

What happens to my garden waste?

Garden waste from households in Hackney is sent to an in-vessel composting plant in south east England to be turned into compost. 

Page updated: 07/11/2018 14:29:41