You will need to register the birth of your child within 42 days (6 weeks) of the birth. If the child was born in Hackney, it must be registered here.

Forenames can be changed up to one year from the original registration - see fees and charges for details.

Registering a birth

You need to make an appointment to register a birth

Registering a stillbirth

Copies of birth certificates

Copies of birth certificates cost £11.

Order a copy certificate

Certificates for adopted people and for people born abroad to armed services or diplomatic families can be obtained from the General Register Office.

Fees and charges

Naming ceremonies

Contact us to arrange a naming ceremony.

A naming ceremony is a non-religious way of celebrating being a family, and an opportunity to promise to be a good parent before family and friends. Parents do not have to be married and can come from any background.

You can hold your ceremony almost anywhere, including your own home. We also have a wide range of approved premises.

Fees start at £75, depending on the venue chosen and the day of the week.

Correcting an error on a birth certificate

Corrections can only be made to a birth registration when the wrong information has been recorded, not when there has been a change of circumstances. Evidence showing the correct information may be required. Find out how to correct a birth registration.

Historical searches and family history

We can usually search the birth, death or marriage indexes for a five year period if given accurate details. A wider search may be possible, but can take longer. Once the entry is found, copy certificates cost £11 each.

If you are not certain of the date, location or details of the birth, death or marriage please email the details you do have to before applying for any certificate.

Bear in mind when applying

  • if you have any criteria for us to consider before issuing the certificate (eg you only want the certificate if the father is a certain person) then please make it clear. We will not charge you for the research if the criteria does not match
  • the registration district now known as Hackney comprises of: Hackney, Shoreditch, Stoke Newington, Haggerston, Hoxton, Holywell and St. Leonard's
  • please keep your applications brief, we only need the information listed above. Details of previous offspring, previous marriages or diagrams of your family tree will just slow down the search, so please summarise 

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