The Building Act 1984 contains provisions under Section 80 that require the local authority to be advised, in writing, of any intended demolition at least 6 weeks before the work is carried out.

Planning permission for demolition

Planning permission may be required for demolition. In a Conservation Area or for a Listed Building the volume in cubic metres will determine if an application is required. Removing a property without replacing it may require a Prior Approval. Likewise, demolition and rebuild can be incorporated into a single application. To ensure your proposed demolition complies with planning legislation please contact planning:

Tel: 020 8356 8062

How to apply when the demolition does not require planning permission

Regardless of whether or not planning permission is required you will need to serve notice to building control under the Building Act 1984.

To do this, complete an application form and make payment – please see apply and pay below.

In addition, please ensure:

  • the owners/occupiers of adjacent buildings, as outlined in your application form, are notified, and compliance with the Party Wall Act is achieved and deal promptly with any complaints received on site
  • full arrangements are made for the termination of the gas, electrical and water supply for the property
  • inspections are arranged:
    • 48 hours before you remove and seal any sewer or drain
    • 24 hours before you make good the surface of the ground disturbed by the above
  • the site is secured following completion
  • the Council’s highways team is consulted to ensure safe access to the site
  • where burning of structures or materials is proposed on site that the local fire authority is informed and where necessary the Health and Safety Executive
  • recycling and reuse of materials is maximised and waste is disposed of responsibly
  • the Code of Practise for Demolition (BS6187:1982) is reviewed. This document covers the preliminary procedures for demolition work, the methods of demolition and their suitability for various types and elements of structure and the protective precautions to be taken
  • regulations regarding the protection of bats, their breeding sites or resting places (roosts) is complied with

What will Hackney building control do?

A building control surveyor will visit the site as detailed above, and ensure that copies of the notices have been forwarded to all necessary parties.

We will serve a notice under Section 81 of the Building Act. This will require the owner/contractor to adhere to certain conditions, including:

a) to shore up any building adjacent to the building to which the notices relates
b) to weatherproof any surfaces of an adjacent building that are exposed by the demolition
c) to repair and make good any damage to an adjacent building caused by the demolition or by the negligent act or omission of any person engaged in it
d) to remove material or rubbish resulting from the demolition and clearance of the site
e) to disconnect and seal, at such points as the local authority may reasonably require, any sewer or drain in or under the building
f) to remove any such sewer or drain, and seal any sewer or drain with which the sewer or drain to be removed is connected
g) to make good to the satisfaction of the local authority the surface of the ground disturbed by anything done under (e) or (f) above
h) to make arrangements with the relevant statutory undertakers for the disconnection of the supply of gas, electricity and water to the building
i) to make such arrangements with regard to the burning of structures or materials on the site as may be reasonably required

  •  if the building is or forms part of special premises, by the Health and Safety Executive and the fire authority, and
  •  in any other case, by the fire authority, and

j) to take such steps relating to the conditions subject to which, the demolition is to be undertaken, and the condition in which the site is to be left on completion of the demolition, as the local authority may consider reasonably necessary for the protection of the public and the preservation of public amenity


Section 80 – Notification of Demolition of Buildings – £260.00.

Apply and pay

You can submit your demolition notice, pay the fee and upload supporting documents, using the form below, saving time and postal fees.

Submit your demolition notice

By post

You can also send your application by post:

Send to: Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, London E8 1DY.

Avoid causing a nuisance

Building and/or demolition works can cause a nuisance to neighbours. To help reduce and avoid nuisance and stop any action being taken by the Council please follow the advice below when carrying out works.

Keep dust, noise and smoke to a minimum.


Keep dust down by spraying with water when and where you can. If you are a householder doing some or all the work yourself, try to avoid causing any dust in the evenings or on Sundays.


There should be no noise heard from the site outside specified hours.

Particularly noisy operations, such as pile driving, may need more stringent controls. Pumps and generators should not be left running overnight if they can be heard outside the site.

If you are a householder doing some or all the work yourself, try to avoid causing any noise in the evenings or on Sundays.

If noise problems occur, the Council and the neighbours may take legal action. If you think your work may cause a significant nuisance to the neighbours from noise or vibration, apply for prior consent from planning as this will determine if a certain level of noise can occur.


  • bonfires that release dark smoke are illegal and the council may prosecute any offenders
  • stop the bonfire at the end of the working day
  • see advice about bonfires and reducing air pollution

Obstruction and damage to pavements

  • do not let vehicles or materials block or damage the pavements
  • do not leave obstacles, holes or trenches where they are a danger, especially to disabled people, such as the blind
  • the Council may charge you for any damage caused to pavements, kerbs or verges by lorries or heavy plant

Get in touch

If you have any queries about demolition, please contact us by completing the following form or call us on the telephone numbers below:

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