After submitting a planning application

What happens after you submit an application

Upon receipt of your application, all documents are scanned to the Council’s document management system. We will then review the application to confirm that all required information has been supplied and that the correct fee has been received.

If any information is missing, or there is no fee, the application will be made invalid and we will write to you within 5 days of receiving the application and ask you to supply this additional information. You will have 28 days to supply the information. If it is not supplied within this timeframe the application will be returned to you and no further action will be taken.

If all information has been provided, we will write to you confirming the application is valid, give you a unique reference number and advise you the name of the planning officer who will assess your application.
We aim to assess and determine householder planning applications within 8 weeks of the valid date.

Consultation period

When an application is registered, it will be made public and people will be able to view and comment on the proposal.

The council will publicise the application by displaying site notices on streets that might be affected by a development. We may also write to the immediate neighbours of the proposed development site.

We may seek the views of a range of public bodies. Other sections within the council may also be asked for advice or information to help us make a decision.

Evaluation and site visit

How we make a decision

Once the planning case officer has considered the proposals, received any amendments and the consultation period has expired, we will make a decision on whether to grant planning permission.

Unless there are good planning reasons, the majority of decisions are based on our planning policies.

Most decisions are made by Senior Officers under Delegated Powers. More complex or potentially controversial applications will be decided at a Planning Committee meeting.

If your application is dealt with at a Planning Committee meeting, you have the right to attend and speak at that meeting. You can also lobby councillors to discuss planning issues beforehand.

You can find out more about planning sub committee and view meeting dates.

Post planning and building

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