Your social care assessment

Visiting you at home

If we cannot decide how best to help you over the phone, we will contact you to arrange a care needs assessment with you at home.

This is when a social worker or occupational therapist visits you to:

  • ask how you’re managing everyday tasks like washing, dressing and cooking
  • discuss what you might need
  • advise you on what will happen next

This usually takes at least one hour.

We aim to complete your assessment within 28 days of your request for help. We arrange the most urgent assessments first.

Have someone with you

Have a friend or relative with you, if possible. It will help if you’re not confident in explaining your situation.

If you don’t have someone we can arrange for someone to support you. We call this person an advocate.

We can arrange for an interpreter if you do not speak English or if you use sign language.

Getting your assessment results

We aim to contact you within 5 working days of your assessment.

We will explain the best support options available to you, such as a paid carer.

If you’re told you can’t get social care from us

We will still discuss how best to support you if you’re not eligible for social care from us.

We might:

Appeal your assessment decision

You can make an appeal if you disagree with the outcome of your assessment.

You must contact us within 2 weeks of getting your assessment results if you want to appeal.

You’ll then need to complete and return your adult social care appeal form to us. You must do this within one month of getting your assessment results.

You can use an easy read version of the appeal form if you’d prefer.

You can also make a complaint if you’re unhappy with the service.

Page updated on: 25 October 2020

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