Your lease

Lease and transfer of part are legal contracts between you and the Council. These agreements explain both parties’ rights and responsibilities.

Our leaseholders’ rules and regulations and freeholders’ rules and regulations sets out the rules for leaseholders, freeholders and their tenants (if the property is let) living on council estates. They also explain what you can expect from us and detail some of our service standards.

The rules and regulations came into force on 1 April 2015. We consulted with all leaseholders and freeholders on the proposed introduction of new rules and regulations and your views were taken into account in finalising them.

The introduction of rules and regulations for leaseholders and freeholders follows on from the implementation of new tenancy conditions in 2012. We will review the rules and regulations periodically and we will notify leaseholders and freeholders in writing of any changes we propose to make following any such review.

Extending your lease and renting out your property

You have the right to extend your lease, which can help you to save money in the long term. We suggest that you seek legal and professional advice before deciding about extending your lease. You can rent out your ex-council leasehold property, but you must let us know about this according to Leaseholders’ Rules and Regulations.

Leaseholders or freeholders running a business from home

Your lease agreement doesn’t allow you to run a business from home. However, we will consider applications for a licence to allow you to do so.


Apply to run a business from home

You can also submit your application by post or in person to: Customer Administration Team, North East Neighbourhood, 149 Stamford Hill, N16 5LG, or email to:

We will only refuse to give you our permission if we have good reason (for example, if we think that the business is likely to cause a nuisance to other people, including us and our contractors, or cause damage to the property). There are usually costs associated with this process which you will have to pay.

Before we give our permission you must get any planning permissionbuilding regulation approval or other licences you need for the business or trade.

If we give you permission to run a business from your home, your customers, suppliers and service providers must not become a nuisance to other residents.

If a business you are running from your home with our permission causes a nuisance or damage, we will withdraw our permission.

Examples of businesses activities that will cause a nuisance

  • repairing and maintaining vehicles
  • printing
  • using noisy equipment such as industrial sewing machines
  • using controlled substances such as chemicals
Page updated on: 29 January 2020

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