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We’re consulting on changes to motorcycle parking in Hackney.

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What to do if your car has been removed

If your car’s been removed, please call the TRACE service on 0300 077 0100 or text your vehicle registration to 66663. They’ll advise you where the vehicle’s been taken and how much the release fee is. The release fee and PCN must be paid before we can release the vehicle.

Depending how long the vehicle’s been at the pound, additional storage charges may apply. You’re entitled to appeal against the PCN and the removal of the vehicle, immediately after paying the PCN and release fee.


  • release fee: £200 plus the cost of the PCN
  • storage fee: £40 per day from the second day of storage onwards

Car pound address

Hackney Car Pound, 8 Eley Road, Edmonton,  London N18 3BD.

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.
Tel: 020 8803 0834

Affiliated agencies: Metropolitan Police: 020 7739 1212, TRACE: 0300 077 0100, text service 66663.

Documents you need to provide to release your vehicle

Each of the following, containing the same name and address:

  • proof of ownership (V5, V5C or V11, insurance policy)
  • proof of identity – photo driving licence or passport

If one of the above does not contain your current name and address, one of the following is also required:

  • utility bill (no more than three months old)
  • bank statement (no more than three months old)
  • council tax bill

If your vehicle has been removed for blue badge, permit, vouchers misuse or you are an persistent evader of penalty charge notices, you will need to provide two utility bills from different providers and two statements from different banks. Both documents must not be more than three months old.

What should I do if my car is clamped?

We don’t clamp vehicles. However, if your vehicle is clamped whilst parked in the borough, please contact the relevant authority / company on the notice that should be attached to your vehicle.

Removal priorities

We will prioritise these following situations:

  • vehicles identified as belonging to a persistent evader
  • vehicles used in connection with suspected Blue badge or Permit fraud or misuse
  • vehicles on cloned or false plates

What is a persistent evader?

We define persistent evaders as people with three or more penalty charge notices, none of which are either subject to an appeal or at a stage where an appeal can be made. Persistent evaders can also be people with three or more PCNs who have not registered their vehicle with the DVLA. Under these circumstances we can cancel your permit.

Should a persistent evader continue to contravene parking restrictions, they will be issued a penalty charge notice in proportion to the contravention and their vehicle may be immediately removed.

People whose penalty charges remain unpaid may have their vehicles clamped by a bailiff company and will then have to pay additional fees as a result.

Page updated on: 1 November 2019

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