Ultra low emission streets

ULEV streets

In 2019, we launched two zones in the City Fringe that restrict access during peak hours to walking, cycling, ultra low emissions vehicles (ULEVs), and UV1 permit holders only.

These zones, known as ultra low emission streets, or ULEV streets, prioritise low pollution transport. They aim to:

  • reduce the harmful effects of pollution in the City Fringe during commuting hours
  • make it easier and safer to walk and cycle
  • improve the character of the area for residents and businesses

ULEV streets are in operation during peak hours. Monday to Friday, 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm. To minimise the disruption to residents and businesses, we maintain access to other vehicle types outside peak hours.

The ultra low emission streets zone

If you have any further queries, email movegreener@hackney.gov.uk.

Read the delegated powers decision – Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Streets (PDF 244kb).

Page updated on: 14 August 2023