Ufton Gardens

Ufton Gardens is a small but popular park in the Hackney South and Shoreditch constituency ward, near to De Beauvoir Square. The Gardens are split into two halves, with a garden on one side of the road and a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) on the other.

In 2023 we improved the link between the two halves of Ufton Gardens on Ufton Road as part of our Connecting Green Spaces programme. We planted trees, installed cycle racks, removed car parking spaces and installed a rain garden in the street.

See before and after images (google slides).


Volunteer group

De Beauvoir Gardeners have helped improve Ufton Gardens in recent years, and informally call it “Rainbow Park”. They run regular volunteering sessions in the park. If you want to get involved, follow the group on Instagram.


Barbecues are not allowed in Ufton Gardens.

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Page updated on: 2 May 2023

Ufton Gardens


Ufton Road
N1 5BY



Closing times:

  • 1 Jan to 8 Jan: 4.30pm      
  • 9 Jan to 22 Jan: 5pm
  • 23 Jan to 5 Feb: 5.30pm
  • 6 Feb to 26 Feb: 6pm
  • 27 Feb to 12 Mar: 6.30pm
  • 13 Mar to 25 Mar: 7pm
  • 26 Mar to 9 Apr: 8pm
  • 10 Apr to 23 Apr: 8.30pm
  • 24 Apr to 7 May: 9pm
  • 8 May to 6 Aug: 9.30pm
  • 7 Aug to 20 Aug: 9pm
  • 21 Aug to 3 Sep: 8.30pm
  • 4 Sep to 17 Sep: 8pm
  • 18 Sep to 1 Oct: 7.30pm
  • 2 Oct to 15 Oct: 7pm
  • 16 Oct to 29 Oct: 6.30pm
  • 20 Oct to 26 Nov: 5pm
  • 27 Nov to 31 Dec: 4.30pm