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Types of tenancy

There are different types of tenancy depending on how long you have been a council tenant and whether you are the only adult in the household.

Introductory tenancy

All new tenants of Hackney Council will be introductory tenants unless you were already a secure or assured tenant of a local authority or registered social landlord at a previous property.

An introductory tenancy will last for a trial period of 12 months. If you break any of these tenancy conditions during your introductory tenancy, or if you made a false or misleading statement to get the tenancy, we may take action to end your tenancy.

If you do not break any of the tenancy conditions during the introductory tenancy, you will automatically become a secure tenant after the 12 month trial period.

Introductory tenants have fewer rights than secure tenants. You cannot do the following:

  • apply to buy your home
  • vote for a change of landlord
  • sublet part of the property or take in a lodger
  • apply to exchange your tenancy

Secure tenancy

If you have had your tenancy for at least 12 months you will normally be a secure tenant. Secure tenants have more rights than introductory tenants. By law, as a secure tenant you have the right to live in your property indefinitely, as long as you keep to these tenancy conditions and your tenancy agreement.

We will not interfere with your right to live in the property unless:

  • we have to take action against you for a reason set out in the Housing Act 1985 or any law that replaces it, or
  • you break any of these tenancy conditions

Joint tenancy

A joint tenancy is when two or more adults (aged 18 or over) are named on the tenancy agreement. Joint tenants have equal rights and responsibilities under the tenancy agreement for the whole of the tenancy. They are both responsible, together and individually, for keeping to these tenancy conditions and paying amounts due to us.

Demoted tenancy

If we need to take you to court because of anti-social behaviour, the court may decide to change your secure tenancy to a demoted tenancy. This will affect your rights, for example, the right to buy your home, exchange your home or pass your tenancy on to someone else.

Page updated on: 27 June 2019

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