Travel plans

A travel plan is a long-term management strategy to assist in managing the transport needs of a site through a package of measures.


Travel plans for new developments

A travel plans is required in many new developments when planning permission is granted, to encourage sustainable transport.

School travel plans

school travel plan (STP) sets out a number of practical ways to reduce the number of car trips made to a school, encourage walking and cycling and to improve safety on the school journey.

Workplace travel plans

We can help you set up a ‘workplace travel plan’ – a business management tool that develops and promotes sustainable travel options.

A plan can improve your organisation’s efficiency and productivity by giving your staff wider travel options such as:

  • car sharing and car clubs
  • public transport
  • cycling and walking
  • reducing the need to travel through home and flexible working

We can also identify sources of funding and provide advice, information and support, tailored to your strategic business needs.

Business benefits

  • cost savings for your business. Effectively managing your organisation’s journeys will reduce costs associated with business travel (like staff expenses, car park charges, congestion charging and fleet management costs)
  • a more attractive employer. Providing and encouraging travel options will help you improve staff retention, productivity and recruitment
  • achieving carbon reduction will enhance your organisation’s environmental credentials
  • a healthier, more productive workplace. Promoting active travel options such as walking and cycling will improve the motivation, health and fitness and productivity of your employees, reducing sickness absence
  • more travel options for your business. This will enhance your business prospects by giving employees, visitors and customers more ways of reaching you. It will also help alleviate car parking pressures at your site
  • be an employer of choice. Your commitment to corporate social responsibility will enhance your reputation with staff, key stakeholders and your local community

What support is available?

We can provide tailored guidance and support to your business. This includes various funding opportunities and resources designed to help with the travel planning process.

Workplace travel plan – sustainable transport grant

We can provide grants of up to £2,000 for you to implement a measure identified within your travel plan, such as pool bikes, shower facilities, cycle parking provisions, mapping, competition prizes.

We will provide guidance through each stage of development and implementation of a plan and work with you using site-specific surveys and audit tools to gather data on your organisation’s current travel patterns and needs.

TfL – cycling for business

For resources to help you to encourage cycling for employees see Becoming a cycle-friendly employer.

For more details about workplace travel funds and to get started please email

Page updated on: 23 May 2022