Traffic management

We do our best to enable safe, free-flowing movement of traffic in the borough.


London Fields traffic management scheme consultation

The consultation has now closed. The responses are currently being analysed by an external organisation.

Speed limits and traffic calming measures

Speed is a significant factor in about one third of road accidents in the United Kingdom and speed limits and traffic calming measures are introduced to make the roads safer. Find out more about speed limits and traffic calming measures.

Abnormal loads

If you’re a haulier and you want to move a load that’s classed as ‘abnormal’ (for example, one with a gross weight exceeding 40 tonnes) you must notify the police and get their permission.

If the gross weight or axle weights exceed the ones specified in the The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulationsyou must also indemnify the Highway Authority and all bridge owners along the proposed route (e.g. Network Rail).

You can transport your abnormal load on any road provided you comply with the law. Some roads are more suitable and more extensively used eg A class roads.

Notice periods

You’re required by law to give a minimum of two clear days’ notice to the police, the Highway Authority and any bridge owners before moving the load. The notice period for loads over 150 tonnes, 6.1 metres wide or 27.4 metres long is different and if you’re moving such loads you’ll need special orders from the Department of Transport.

Traffic lights and signals

All traffic lights are maintained by TfL.

You can report any faulty or non-working signals directly to TfL’s Street Faults Contact Centre on 0343 222 1234 or via TfL’s roadworks and street faults page. Alternatively you can contact us on 020 8356 2897 and we will forward the information on to Transport for London.

If you’d like to discuss the installation of traffic lights or signals at a particular junction or location please call 020 8356 2897 or email

Page updated on: 27 April 2022



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