Trading in parks

We get many enquiries from people wishing to trade in Hackney’s parks – businesses often want to sell ice cream, coffee or other refreshments.


Can I trade in Hackney’s parks?

Because of the high demand from traders, we’re not currently able to grant licences to everyone who wants to trade.

We occasionally advertise opportunities to those who have expressed interest in trading in our parks.

I’ve seen a building in a park that I’m interested in. Can I talk to someone about it?

Because of the high volume of interest in our park buildings, if we convert any of them to other uses we would need to advertise the opportunity.

We’re unable to discuss ideas with individuals at this time. Please register your interest and we’ll inform you of any opportunities that arise.

How do I get permission to trade?

To enable all traders to have a fair opportunity to trade in our parks, any opportunity will be advertised and open to competition.

If you apply and are successful, you would sign a contract and license with the Council.

How do I know when opportunities are available?

Please register your interest on this page and select ‘Business opportunities’. We’ll write to you if any business opportunities become available.

Where will opportunities be advertised?

We’ll email you directly if you register your interest on this page. Also, keep an eye on our tenders and contracts page and Hackney Today.

Can I apply to trade at events?

Most events in Hackney are put on by third party organisations, and you’ll need to contact them directly if you wish to trade at their events:

Can I run personal training in parks?

If you want to run a personal training service in our parks, you don’t currently need a license to trade.

Please make sure you don’t cause any damage to the parks, and please choose quieter parks and times of day to operate.

You should have a risk assessment in place. You’re not allowed to play music during your session.

Can I give out sample products?

We occasionally allow this. You’ll need permission to do so.

I’m interested in running a market in Hackney’s parks

We’re not currently advertising any market opportunities in our parks. Please register for updates to hear about any future opportunities.

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Page updated on: 27 March 2023

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