Telecare alarms and sensors

Telecare is a service for vulnerable people and their carers to enable them to live independently at home. The service consists of sensors and alarms which when triggered, call for help and assistance from the Telecare call centre. The call centre can contact a friend, relative or a specialist response service to attend the home and assist if required.

The range of sensors available provides protection by monitoring for a number of risks such as fires, flooding, carbon monoxide, natural gas, high or low temperatures and also wandering, falling or inactivity.

Such services can some people to maintain independence, increase their safety and confidence and with additional services, enable some clients to move from residential care to back into the community.

How does Telecare work?

A basic Telecare system will be formed by a base unit that plugs into a telephone socket and a personal alarm trigger that can be worn as a pendant around their neck or on their wrist like a watch.

When the button is pressed a signal is sent to the base unit which will automatically call the Telecare call centre.

Other examples of the equipment available are:

  • flood detectors – which give an early automatic warning of a bath or sink overflowing if, for example, a tap has been left on
  • occupancy sensors – which automatically create an alarm call if someone falls out of, or fails to get in or out of a bed or chair
  • fall detectors – which when worn, activate an automatic alert if someone falls over and may be unconscious or unable to call for help themselves

When the sensors are triggered by water or a fall a signal is sent to the base unit which alerts the Telecare call centre.

Who do I contact for more information about Telecare?

Telecare services in Hackney are provided by Millbrook Healthcare. The Hackney based team can be contacted on 020 8510 0626.

To learn more about Telecare / assistive technology and how it can support people visit:

What you can expect from us

  • we will replace or repair any Telecare equipment within 48 hours when the need is urgent
  • we will replace or repair any Telecare equipment within 10 working days in non-urgent circumstances
  • we will respond to your equipment call at the 24 hour Monitoring Centre within 60 seconds
  • in an emergency the Telecare responder service will be with you within 60 minutes of the automatic call from your Telecare equipment
Page updated on: 20 April 2020

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