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Supported lodgings

We are looking for 10 supported lodgings hosts for our new service for Hackney’s young people.

Supported lodgings offers young people (aged 16-21) an alternative to fostering when they are unable to remain with their birth families, leaving care or at risk of homelessness.

Supported lodgings hosts

As a host you will provide guidance and assistance to help young people develop their practical skills and emotional maturity to move on to independent living and cope as young adults.

This will require the young person to have a key to the home as well as being encouraged to have their own shelf in the fridge and manage their own everyday tasks like cooking and washing.

This is an important time in every young person’s life. Each young person will have different support needs but emphasis will be on skills such as managing finances, cooking, laundry, applying for further or higher education, training and employment and managing positive relationships.

Hosts must:

  • have a spare bedroom in your home
  • be able to provide a safe and stable environment for young people
  • be able to support and encourage young people in education, training or work
  • be patient and willing to listen and offer support and guidance
  • be able to relate to young people and enjoy their company
  • be willing to work with our team of professionals

As a host you will get:

  • on-going training opportunities
  • dedicated support and supervision
  • a generous weekly fee
  • a chance to make a positive impact in a young person’s life
  • experience working with young people

Becoming a host

If you would like to become a host, please contact our recruitment team on 0800 0730 418 or email:

We will speak to you about the service, the assessment process and send you an application form.

All applicants will need to undergo background checks including:

  • DBS
  • local authority checks
  • medical checks

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Page updated on: 4 July 2019