Reducing sugar

The Council and Hackney Food Partnership have joined forces to deliver a Sugar Smart campaign that aims to reduce excessive sugar consumption in the borough. This involves working with schools, early years, workplaces, community groups, leisure centres and independent cafes and restaurants to raise awareness and take actions to reduce sugar.


Why sugar?

With sugary foods and drinks available everywhere, cheap, and heavily promoted by the food industry, we consume far too much sugar. Some people, particularly children, adolescents and those on low incomes consume excessive amounts, many times greater than the maximum intake of 7 teaspoons of sugar for adults and 5-6 teaspoons for children each day.

Such excessive sugar consumption is a major cause of unacceptably high levels of tooth decay and obesity in the borough. One in 7 children in Hackney are already obese by the time they start primary school, rising to 1 in 4 when they leave in Year 6. High consumption of sugary drinks is also linked to increased risk of Type II diabetes.

For more information on sugar, please see our infographic:

Get Sugar Smart

Find out more about how to take action on sugar:

Information for leisure centres and café / restaurants will be made available in the coming months.

Sugar Smart survey – your views and feedback

Sugar Smart Hackney started with a borough-wide survey to find out what Hackney residents think about sugar and what action they think should be taken to reduce its consumption.

The survey closed 30 October 2017.

Sugar Smart launch

Hackney Sugar Smart was launched at The Urswick School on 29 November 2017. It was well attended by school children, teachers and others involved in improving food and health in the borough.

Sugar Smart certificates were awarded to schools, early years, and other community organisations who are taking action to reduce sugar consumption.

Read more about the launch event:

Sugar Smart youth debate

In July 2018, Sugar Smart Hackney organised a youth debate on the Major of London’s proposal to ban the advertising unhealthy food and drink on Transport for London at Clapton Girls Academy.

Read about the event:

Our Sugar Smart stars

Read about the excellent work of our Sugar Smart stars below:

About the Sugar Smart campaign

Sugar Smart Hackney is part of Sugar Smart UK, a national campaign run by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and Sustain.

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