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Reducing fizzy drinks

Make your home, school or workplace a Fizz Free Zone and #DitchTheFizz.

Sugar Smart Hackney invites all those living and working in Hackney to give up sugary fizzy drinks for at least a fortnight, to help reduce unhealthy excessive sugar consumption in the borough.

Soft drinks are the largest single source of sugar in the UK diet, on average providing 29 per cent of the daily sugar intake of 11-18 year olds.

Drinking just one 330 ml can of fizz provides close to, or more than the total daily limit of sugar (7 teaspoons or 30 g per day for 11 years and over). 500 ml bottles of fizz contain even more (see below).

4g = 1 teaspoon of sugar

  • water (500 ml) – 0 teaspoons
  • Coca Cola (500 ml) – 13 teaspoons
  • Pepsi (500 ml) – 13 teaspoons
  • 7 Up (500 ml) – 14 teaspoons
  • Monster Energy (500 ml) – 15 teaspoons
  • Dr Pepper (500 ml) – 9 teaspoons
  • Fanta Mango (500 ml) – 12 teaspoons
  • Tango Orange (500 ml) – 5 teaspoons
  • Volvic Lemon and Lime (500 ml) – 6 teaspoons
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Lemon (330 ml) – 7.5 teaspoons
  • McDonalds large milkshake (500 ml)  – 20 teaspoons

Download the free Food Scanner app

You can use it to find out the sugar content of other fizzy drinks.

Download the Food Scanner app

Ditching the fizz is a great way to reduce sugar intake and can help you on your way to drinking less sugary drinks for the rest of the year.

Whilst you are at it, why not give up other non-fizzy sugary drinks too (eg flavoured water and milk shakes) and cut out the sugar in your tea and coffee?

Drink more water

Swap the fizz for tap water – it’s healthier (no calories, sugar rushes or additives), it’s free and does not come in plastic bottles.

Drinking water instead of sugary drinks improves your ability to work, study and do sport. See this video from NHS Norwich to find out more.

So grab yourself a water bottle and turn on the tap.

Make a pledge

Are you ready to #DitchTheFizz?

If so, use this pledge sheet and register your support by taking a short survey:

Ditch the fizz survey

Tweet about your pledge and how you are getting on using photos or a video diary:

  • #DitchTheFizz
  • #SugarSmartHackney
  • @SugarSmartUK

More information

Go on, #DitchTheFizz and help reduce excessive sugar consumption in Hackney.

Page updated on: 17 July 2019