Stonebridge Gardens (Snake Park)

Stonebridge Gardens is a small but popular park in London Fields ward, next to Haggerston Station. It was refurbished in 2016. The park is home to the ever popular blue snake, a large mosaic play and art feature which dwells in the play area, which also contains monkey bars, a sand pit, multiple person swings, hammocks and a trampoline.

The park holds a Green Flag award. The awards are given to the best green spaces in the country and are awarded each year to make sure the quality of the green space remains high.


  • table tennis tables (x3)
  • slack lining posts
  • children’s play area
  • basketball hoop
  • informal kick about area

Get Walking, Keep Walking

Leave the bustle behind, and join our walk through three squares. It’s a walk of contrasts: new and old, bustle and calm and takes less than an hour. We use quiet roads and estate paths to visit squares and gardens, from three different centuries. This walk passes through Evergreen Square, Albion Square and De Beauvoir Square. For more information visit Get Walking, Keep Walking.

User group

If you would like to help set up a Stonebridge Gardens user group, then please please email


Barbecues are not allowed in Stonebridge Gardens.


Dogs are excluded from the play area. Council officers have the power to request that dogs are put on leads if they are behaving aggressively, causing damage, or if their owner does not have appropriate control over them. More information on dogs in parks.

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Page updated on: 2 October 2020

Stonebridge Gardens


Haggerston Road
E8 4EP


Opening times

  • 7.30am
  • Closing times:
  • 1-13 Jan: 4.30pm
  • 14-24 Jan: 5pm
  • 25 Jan-7 Feb: 5.30pm
  • 8-28 Feb: 6pm
  • 1-14 Mar: 6.30pm
  • 15-27 Mar: 7pm
  • 28 Mar-4 Apr: 8pm
  • 5-18 Apr: 8.30pm
  • 19 Apr-9 May: 9pm
  • 10 May-8 Aug: 9.30pm
  • 9-22 Aug: 9pm
  • 23 Aug-19 Sep: 8pm
  • 20 Sep-3 Oct: 7pm
  • 4-17 Oct: 7pm
  • 18-30 Oct: 6.30pm
  • 31 Oct-28 Nov: 5pm
  • 29 Nov-31 Dec: 4.30pm