Policy, evidence and statistics

This information is known as Hackney’s shared evidence base and is used by the Council and our partners to make  decisions.

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Hackney community strategy

The Hackney community strategy 2018 – 2028 sets out our collective response to the big changes we’ve experienced and the challenges we face in our borough. It sets out our vision for the kind of future we’d like to see for our communities, and lays out the steps we’re going to take to achieve this.

Plans, policies and strategies

Our plans, policies and strategies help us deliver the sustainable community strategy.

Quarterly facts and figures

A quarterly update summary of key social, economic and demographic information for Hackney:

Hackney profile

A guide to the borough’s population with key data on economy, health, housing, environment, crime, development and equalities:

Ward profiles

Key statistics for each of Hackney’s 21 wards.

In-depth research and needs assessments


Population: Information including official estimates of the size and structure of the population, and data on current characteristics and future growth trends.

Hackney a Place for Everyone (HAPFE)

HAPFE summary findings: A collection of research and policy reports on the findings of the year long HAPFE consultation campaign.

Child poverty

Child poverty: Our approach to dealing with child poverty through the child poverty and family wellbeing plan 2016-18 and a thorough analysis of children and young people’s needs, mapped against existing services through the child poverty needs assessments. Both of these resources are used to inform strategic commissioning priorities and our strategic approach to children and young people’s services in Hackney.

Community safety partnership plan

Community safety partnership plan: Outlines our priorities for cutting crime and improving safety.

City and Hackney health and wellbeing profile

Hackney health and wellbeing profile: A detailed description of the health and wellbeing needs of the local population.

Hackney strategic housing market assessment

Hackney strategic housing market assessment: Assesses the need for, and supply of housing in Hackney across all tenures, but especially affordable housing such as social rented housing and shared ownership accommodation.

Hackney Economic profile 2022

A descriptive statistical analysis on Hackney’s business base, jobs and workforce. This report offers insight into the strengths of Hackney’s economy. The report relies on data from 2021 to 2022 and it also includes several previous years to illustrate growth.

See Hackney economic profile 2022 – full report (PDF 4.8mb)

See Hackney economic profile 2022 – Summary (PDF 2.9mb)

Hackney business survey results

See Hackney business survey 2023 summary (PDF 72kb)

See Hackney business survey 2023 report (PDF 2mb)

Inclusive economy strategy

The Inclusive economy strategy: Responds to the growing recognition that economic growth, left to its own devices, clearly does not work for everyone and sets out how the Council, working with partners will seek to shape a more inclusive economy in Hackney.

Hackney Indices of Deprivation 2019

Indices of deprivation overall briefing (PDF 553kb): Details on deprivation in neighbourhoods and the different types of deprivation.

Local development framework

Local development framework: Determines how the planning system will shape Hackney in the future.

Cross-cutting policy reviews

Cross-cutting policy reviews: Help us devise more effective approaches to the big, complex, cross-cutting issues facing the local area.

Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity information on our employees and service users, a range of information about our duties under the Equalities Act 2010 and our equality and cohesion policy.

Overview and scrutiny

Our four scrutiny panels: Living in Hackney, Working in Hackney, Children in Hackney and Health in Hackney, review services to see how well they are performing and if any improvements can be made. Their reports can be found on our overview and scrutiny pages.


We regularly consult the public and other interested groups such as businesses about our plans. You can read about the outcomes of these consultations on our Consultation Hub.

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