Staff privacy notice

This privacy notice sits beneath the Council’s top level privacy notice and provides information about how personal data is used by Hackney to manage employees.

Agency staff are employed by their agency through Matrix SCM, and so this privacy notice does not apply.

Please see the main privacy notice for details on your rights and who to contact about use of personal data.


Why do we collect data?

In line with our contract with you as an employee we need your information in to:

  • manage your employment
  • ensure that you are paid
  • ensure that your tax is paid correctly
  • ensure that you enjoy the correct employee benefits such as annual leave and pension

What legally allows us to collect and handle your data?

When you are employed by the Council you have an employment contract. This means that the most suitable lawful basis for processing data relating to your employment is ‘contract as outlined in data protection legislation.

Any ‘special category’ data (such as health) that we process is to enable us to meet employment law, as outlined in data protection laws.

What data do we collect?

We collect identity data, contact information, education history, employment history, national insurance details, union membership, bank details and any relevant criminal record details.

We may also collect health information, and details of your family circumstances.

To ensure political neutrality, some positions have restrictions on how involved an individual is with any political group or party. We will ask about this during recruitment.

We collect some location data through your use of your staff pass to access buildings.

Where we share your data

  • we are required to share pay information with HMRC. We will also liaise with them in cases where statutory sick pay is in effect
  • we are required to share information with law enforcement agencies when they legally request it
  • we are required to share information with other public sector agencies to prevent and detect fraud
  • we will liaise with other government agencies as required if you are in receipt of in-work benefits
  • we may be required to make deductions from your salary by the Student Loan Company, and will liaise with them on these matters
  • we work with third party training providers and may pass certain basic identity data to them to facilitate your attendance at these sessions. For certain longer term courses such as apprenticeships and career development qualifications, we may also share observations and information with course leaders as part of managing your development
  • if you opt to make trade union payments through your salary, we will share payment information with the union
  • pensions are managed through Equiniti, overseen by Hackney’s Treasury and Pensions Team. We will share pay and absence information with Equiniti as part of this process
  • we use your personal data where relevant for the Disclosure and Barring Scheme, which allows us to check on the suitability of employees to work with vulnerable adults and children
  • we will share information if you request this for job references. This may include details of your attendance, and statements on performance while in your current role. We will also seek information from previous employers should you be recruited to a role
  • we use a third party tool, iTrent, to provide an employee self service facility to manage staff payroll, sickness, development, emergency contact details and holiday records
  • we are obliged to share information with our solicitors should any employment issue require this. In turn, other legal firms may be engaged depending on the specialism required for any action
  • occupational health services are managed by Health Management Limited. We will share information with them, and receive information in return in order to facilitate this process
  • we may share data with third party suppliers where you have opted to use staff benefits such as:
    • childcare vouchers, through Busy Bees Child Care
    • making tax efficient charity donations through the give as you earn scheme
    • various offers through the LBH staff offers scheme managed by iCOM saving works
    • counselling undertaken through workplace options. Please note that data sharing in this instance this is strictly restricted to information confirming your eligibility for the service
    • salary finance to administer the employee loan scheme
    • other services as outlined on the intranet

Statistical analysis

Statistics on Local Government employment are available from the Local Government Association.

How long we keep your data for

You can find out about other retention schedules on our main privacy notice, privacy notice.

Your rights

Please see our main privacy notice for more details on your right:

  • to be informed
  • to access your personal data
  • to rectify your personal data if it is incorrect
  • to restrict our processing of your personal data

If you do find that the information we hold on you is incorrect, you should inform us as soon as possible to update our records.

Page updated on: 4 August 2022