Site allocations local plan

The site allocations local plan (SALP) was adopted in 2016, and identified key strategic sites for development across the borough.


Key documents

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Publication document and supporting documents

Previous stages

Receipt of the planning inspector’s report and main modifications

The Council received the planning inspector’s report on the SALP 14 March 2016. All representations received during the post examination consultation period were forwarded to the inspector for consideration. The report and main modifications recommended by the inspector to make the plan sound and/or legally compliant and capable of adoption can be viewed below:

The SALP with the inspector’s report and main modifications is scheduled to be taken to full Council with a recommendation to adopt the SALP in July 2016.

Note to the planning inspector following the interim findings on the Maldon District Council local plan

In May 2015 the planning press drew attention to the interim findings on the Maldon District local development plan under the heading ‘Inspector blasts Essex local plan over traveller provision’.

We raised this issue with our counsel and wrote to the planning inspector to clarify why we consider the context of our plan to be fundamentally different from that of the Maldon District plan.

Consultation on the proposed modifications

In response to matters raised during the hearings the Council has provided some further information to the inspector which can be found in the evidence base section.

We consulted on proposed post submission modifications to the SALP (post examination in public) and the sustainability appraisal on the post submission modifications. The consultation ran May to June 2015.

Following the public hearings in January 2015, the Council submitted additional information to the planning inspector for clarification and consideration:

Examination in public hearings 13, 14 and 15 January 2015

An independent planning inspector, Simon Berkeley BA MA MRTPI was appointed to conduct the examination of this local plan to determine whether it is sound. The inspector decided that the examination would progress in two distinct stages, the first being a focused hearing session on the level of new housing planned for in Hackney. The reasons for this were set out in his letter to the Council of 11 July 2014:

The schedule of proposed changes to the SALP incorporates the changes proposed in December 2013 and those agreed at the focused hearing in September 2014. The inspector has now decided the dates of the proceeding hearing and those participants who made representations seeking changes to the SALP, have been invited to participate.

Examination papers

Inspector’s examination documents

Council’s hearing statements

Respondents’ hearing statements

Previous examination stage – focused hearing

The inspector decided that the examination would progress in two distinct stages, the first being a focused hearing session on the level of new housing planned for in Hackney. The reasons for this were set out in his letter to the Council of 11 July 2014:

The focused hearing took place on 23 September 2014 at the Hackney Service Centre. The examination papers are below.

Examination papers

Consultation on local plan viability assessment

The Council consulted on an additional evidence base document for the SALP and DMLP July to September 2014.

The local plan viability assessment tests the ability of a range of developments throughout the London Borough of Hackney to viably meet planning policy requirements of the Council. The study tests the cumulative impact of the Council’s requirements, in line with the requirements of the national planning policy framework and the Local Housing Delivery Group guidance, viability testing local plans: advice for planning practitioners.

Publication stage (Regulation 19)

The proposed plan was amended, taking consultation responses into account and after an internal review following the Regulation 18 public participation.

Public participation stage (Regulation 18)

The draft plan underwent the first stage of public consultation (Regulation 18) in July-September 2012. See this version of the document and its supporting documents:

There were around 143 representations from 43 different representors to the consultation document in July-September 2012. Since the consultation period the representations have been analysed and meetings were held with internal and external individuals and organisations (including those who made representations). Where appropriate, the plan was amended, and an updated version was produced for the publication stage (Regulation 19).

More information

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