Shore Gardens

Shore Gardens is one of Hackney’s smallest green spaces, however it has one of the most interesting pasts. Back in the 1800s the site formed part of the Loddiges Nursery.

The nursery was famed for its plant collections and hothouse and is credited with introducing numerous now common plants to the UK and Europe, including camellia japonica, bambusa nigra, wisteria consequana, azalea calendulacea and rhododendron. There’s more information on the history of the site in the park’s management plan.

Although only small the site today provides a valuable breathing space in the densely populated residential area and is a great place to simply relax.


Barbecues are not allowed in Shore Gardens.


Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. More information on dogs in parks.

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Page updated on: 19 August 2020

Shore Gardens


Frampton Park Road
E9 6QB


Opening times

  • 7.30am


Closing times:

  • 1 Jan to 13 Jan: 4.30pm
  • 14 Jan to 27 Jan: 5pm
  • 28 Jan to 10 Feb: 5.30pm
  • 11 Feb to 3 Mar: 6pm
  • 4 Mar to 17 Mar: 6.30pm
  • 18 Mar to 30 Mar: 7pm
  • 31 Mar to 7 Apr: 8pm
  • 8 Apr to 21 Apr: 8.30pm
  • 22 Apr to 12 May: 9pm
  • 13 May to 4 Aug: 9.30pm
  • 5 Aug to 18 Aug: 9pm
  • 19 Aug to 1 Sept: 8.30pm
  • 2 Sept to 15 Sept: 8pm
  • 16 Sept to 29 Sept: 7.30pm
  • 30 Sept to 13 Oct: 7pm
  • 14 Oct to 26 Oct: 6.30pm
  • 27 Oct to 24 Nov: 5pm
  • 25 Nov to 31 Dec: 4.30pm