Sexual health

A wide range of services exist to help you to look after your sexual health and wellbeing. They are available at GPs, pharmacies, specialist sexual health clinics and young people’s health and wellbeing clinics and drop-ins. Sexual health services are free, confidential and, in some cases, you can use them anonymously. From a full sexual health MOT to free condoms and advice, there is a service that is near you. We also provide support for schools to support sex and relationships education.

Sexual health services

Hackney is part of the North East London sexual health and HIV clinical network. Local services are listed in full on Homerton sexual health services, as well as information on all aspects of sexual health including contraception, STIs and HIV.

Come Correct – free condoms for young people (24 and under)

Hackney is part of the London-wide condom distribution scheme Come Correct, which provides access to free condoms in a variety of outlets, such as pharmacies, youth clubs, schools and colleges across the borough. The scheme has given out over 400,000 free condoms to young people in Hackney since 2011.

Visit Come Correct or download the Come Correct app find out where you can pick up free condoms in Hackney and register online. Once registered you can pick up free condoms once a week from any participating outlet all over London.

In Hackney come correct is provided by the young people’s sexual heath charity Brook.

The Free Condom Project – free condoms for adults (25 and over)

The Free Condom Project provides free condoms for adults in many different outlets across Hackney including pharmacies, clinics and other community settings. Once registered you can pick up condoms once a week from any of the participating outlets. Visit Free Condom Project for a list of providers.

Hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV

Hackney residents who may be at risk of having contracted hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV can take a free, confidential test at GP surgeries and Homerton Hospital.

HIV services

Positive East

We commission a range of HIV related support services for adults living with, or affected by HIV, from Positive East.

Services including welfare rights, housing and basic immigration advice, one to one peer support and support groups, counselling, and workshops are available from their centre at 159 Mile End Rd, Whitechapel, London E1 4AQ. They also provide community based testing and outreach in a number of venues, an advice line and staff and volunteers based in all east London HIV clinics. Contact them on 020 7791 2855 or email

Body & Soul

We also commission support for children and families living with, or affected by HIV, from Body & Soul.

They offer a safe and supportive environment with one to one therapist support, group health and wellbeing workshops, and specialist casework, advocacy, and legal advice from their centre at St Ives House, 99-119 Rosebery Ave, Farringdon, London EC1R 4RE. Contact Body & Soul on 020 7923 6880 or email

Chlamydia testing

Checkurself is the London website for free home chlamydia testing and chlamydia treatment. If you live in London and are between 16 and 24 years old you can order a free home chlamydia test:

If you have chlamydia symptoms or have received a positive result then you need treatment:

Self testing

If you live in Hackney and you’re over 16, you can test yourself for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the privacy of your own home with Sexual Health London. You should get your results within 4 days.

The kit includes tests for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV. It will also ask for samples to test for hepatitis B and hepatitis C if clinically indicated. The kits are small and discreet, and sent in plain packaging with no identifying markings or logos, and contain everything you need to provide SHL with samples to test in their lab, including a Freepost envelope.

You can also visit one of Homerton University Hospital’s sexual health clinics and order a testing kit, which will you’ll be given on the day. If you are experiencing symptoms please visit your local sexual health clinic.

Information for suppliers of sexual health services

The Council ensures that suitably qualified and CQC registered open access sexual health services are available to residents in the borough.

We do this by negotiating terms and conditions for these services with local providers based within Hackney and across London, to provide the following:


  • giving contraceptive advice
  • providing medical examinations to people looking for contraceptive advice
  • treating and supplying contraceptive substances and appliances

Treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STI):

  • preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections
  • treating, testing and caring for people with STIs and
  • notifying the sexual partners of people with these infections

Due to the open access nature of sexual health services, residents may choose to use other providers who have not established terms and conditions with the Council.

These out of area providers are not directly commissioned by the Council and there is currently only an agreement for the cross charging for genito-urinary medicine (GUM) services.

Financial terms for the provision of GUM services to residents

For those providers without a negotiated position:

Please ensure you quote the correct prices according to the year in which care was provided otherwise your invoice will be rejected.

Providers of GUM services who wish to submit invoices totalling more than £1,000 per annum must be registered as a supplier to the Council and all providers must fully comply with the terms and conditions.

Failure to comply with the financial terms and follow the payment process will lead to a rejection of an invoice. No alternative payment terms or mechanisms are available.

Page updated on: 12 September 2019