School Streets

School Streets is the Council’s pioneering programme to transform roads outside schools, so that only pedestrians and cyclists can use them at school start and finish times.

The schemes tackle congestion and improve air quality at the school gates, making it easier and safer to walk and cycle to school.

They create a more pleasant environment for everyone, while making sure residents, businesses, pedestrians and cyclists can still use the road.

How it works

The streets around a school temporarily become a pedestrian and cycle only zone at set times in the morning and afternoon. Vehicles are not permitted to enter the zone between these times unless they have been granted an exemption.

Exemptions are available in some instances. Please see the FAQs for more information about who is eligible for an exemption and how they are allocated.

Signs inform drivers of the restrictions at the entrance(s) to the closed street(s). Vehicles are not allowed to enter the School Streets zone during the times of operation, unless they are registered for an exemption. School Streets will be spot enforced across the borough, and infractions can carry a penalty charge issued by a camera.

9 existing School Streets (SS1 to SS9)

Between 2017 and 2019, we piloted 5 School Streets (SS1 to SS5) all of which have been made permanent. A further 4 School Streets (SS6 to SS9) were implemented between spring 2019 and spring 2020 and these will be reviewed by the Council before we decide whether or not to make them permanent.

New School Streets (SS10 to SS48)

In spring 2020 we were granted TfL Streetspace funding to implement School Streets at an additional 40 schools by September 2020. This will help promote cleaner air, reduce congestion and support children and parents to walk and cycle, creating a more pleasant environment for local communities, while helping with social distancing around the school gates.

The new School Streets will be introduced using experimental traffic orders for a maximum period of 18 months. If you’re a resident, parent or business owner, you’ll be able to have their say on how they work in practice before any decision is made on whether or not to make them permanent.

28 new School Streets that launched 7 September 2020

3 new School Streets that launched 9 November 2020

2 new School Streets that launched 7 December 2020

You can provide feedback on any of the new School Streets.

New School Streets with zones and launch dates to be confirmed

We are currently working on plans/detailed designs for the remaining 10 new School Streets and will share more information with residents in each area soon:

  • zone SS11 – Sir Thomas Abney Primary School
  • zone SS12 – Holmleigh Primary School
  • zone SS21 – Springfield Community Primary School
  • zone SS26 – Woodberry Down Community Primary School and Skinners’ Academy
  • zone SS44 – Jubilee Primary School
  • zone SS45 – Simon Marks Jewish Primary School


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Page updated on: 19 March 2021